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Author: Staff

Sep 21, 2021

Trees Are Changing Colors Across the Country, So How is NC’s Fall Foliage Going to Look?

The exact timing and vibrancy of the changing leaves rely heavily on the weather leading up to the fall. 

Sep 20, 2021

Moves to Protect North Carolina’s Trees Could Be Chopped Down by State Budget Bill

Wilmington Star-News
Dr. Robert Bardon, a professor of forestry at NC State, said trees do a whole lot more than provide shade on a hot day or perches for migrating and nesting birds. 

Sep 3, 2021

Supply and Labor Shortages Still Evident Across NC

The North State Journal
The production of lumber is important to North Carolina’s economy, in that lumber production is part of the forest sector, which is a major contributor to North Carolina’s economic well-being. 

Aug 27, 2021

Watch Sneaky River Otters Steal Blue Crabs From North Carolina Aquarium

Southern Living
"Everything runs to the rivers," Chris DePerno, co-author of both studies and a professor in NC State's Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Program, explained. "Everything on the landscape ends up in the water, and that is where otters live and eat. That is why they are an excellent species to investigate pathogens and diseases." 

Aug 26, 2021

Wildfires Prompt Air Quality Alerts Across the West

The Washington Post
Forecasters and experts say there will probably be varying levels of air quality issues because of fires for some time, so residents should take precautions. Jennifer Richmond-Bryant, an associate professor at North Carolina State University’s department of forestry and environmental resources, said it “seems like it’s becoming more common” to see widespread air quality issues. 

Aug 24, 2021

‘Sustainable Tourism’ For Visitors and Locals in the Outer Banks, Explained

The Outer Banks Voice
During a presentation to an audience gathered at Jennette’s Pier in late July, Whitney Knollenberg, assistant professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at NC State, addressed an issue she hopes becomes a commonplace term in the Outer Banks – “sustainable tourism.” 

Aug 20, 2021

Lumber Shortage Easing, Prices Dropping

CBS 17
A lumber shortage earlier this year caused prices to climb, but that shortage is now starting to come to an end, which could be good news for homebuyers in the Triangle. 

Aug 13, 2021

Paradigm Shift Recommended to Sustain Future of Tourism on Outer Banks

The Coastland Times
History has proven that the Outer Banks has been a highly sought-after vacation spot for visitors from around the world for many, many years. Tourists have come back time and time again to experience the natural resources, national parks, preserves, local businesses, restaurants and overall culture of these beaches. Such an incredible level of demand has, over time, put a strain on sustainable tourism in the area. 

Aug 12, 2021

NC State Designs Mosquito-Proof Clothing That Keeps Bug Bites at Bay

Kun Luan, a postdoctoral research scholar at NC State’s Department of Forest Biomaterials, helped develop a mathematical model that predicted what fabrics were most bite resistant. 

Aug 6, 2021

Outer Banks Lure Tourists, But Workers Are Hard to Catch

Triangle Business Journal
NC State College of Natural Resources has partnered with Twiddy & Company, a hospitality firm that manages more than 1,100 vacation homes on the Outer Banks, to support research and outreach activities across the Outer Banks to promote sustainable tourism development.