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climate change

A tree with green leaves

Feb 1, 2023

Climate Change May Cut America’s Forest Inventory by a Fifth This Century

A recent study by NC State researchers found climate change could have a big impact on U.S. forests. 

Mountain forest.

Jan 5, 2023

Timber Demand Could Help Save Forests

Increasing global demand for timber products and paying landowners to store carbon in their trees could help to save forests, a recent study found. 

Hurricane Ian flooded thousands of houses in Florida

Nov 1, 2022

Many Americans Lack Flood Insurance Despite Rising Risks — Here’s Why

FEMA’s designation of high-risk flood zones can mislead communities about their actual risk, according to NC State researcher Georgina Sanchez. 

NC State researcher Marcelo Ardón standing in a ghost forests along the North Carolina coastline

Oct 21, 2022

Ask an Expert: What Are Ghost Forests?

NC State researcher Marcelo Ardón discusses the emergence and spread of ghost forests along the Atlantic Coast. 

Ghost forest

Sep 15, 2022

Scientists Are Studying Ghost Forests Swallowed by Saltwater. You Can Help.

An NC State researcher is studying the drivers and downstream impacts of the transition of wetland forests into so-called ghost forests. 

Sep 12, 2022

Meet KIETS Climate Leaders Scholar Rhianna Absher

Absher is one of three students in the College of Natural Resources to be named to the 2022 cohort of the KIETS Climate Leaders Program. 

Bright orange flame and smoke in black gray and white while hillside burns during California Woolsey fire

Aug 29, 2022

Climate Change is Making Wildfires Worse — Here’s How

Much of the United States is expected to face increased wildfire risk as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. 


Aug 1, 2022

5 Benefits of Building with Cross-Laminated Timber

NC State expert Steve Kelley breaks down the benefits of using cross-laminated timber for construction —from fire resistance and seismic durability to carbon sequestration. 

Power lines on a background of sunset in disturbing red tones

Jul 14, 2022

Extreme Heat is Getting Worse. Is North Carolina’s Power Grid Ready?

North Carolinians are consuming record amounts of electricity as the summers grow longer and hotter. 

The front of the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.

Jul 7, 2022

What the Supreme Court’s EPA Ruling Means for Climate Action

The ruling won’t necessarily lead to more greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector, according to one NC State expert.