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Tag: forestry and environmental resources

Christmas tree farm.

Nov 30, 2020

Christmas Trees: Here’s The Scoop on North Carolina’s Crop

North Carolina’s Christmas tree growers are prepared to meet high demand from consumers this year. 

Deja Perkins with Barn Swallow bird - Graduation to Vocation: Connecting Environmental Justice and Birding - College of Natural Resources NC State University

Nov 24, 2020

Graduation to Vocation: Connecting Environmental Justice and Birding

Deja Perkins explores how environmental and social justice impacts birding and wildlife. 

Northern saw-whet owl

Nov 20, 2020

No, You Won’t Find Any Owls Hiding in Your Christmas Tree

Although many owls roost in evergreen trees during the winter, they usually fly away when disturbed. 

Wild turkey

Nov 19, 2020

Talking Turkey: How the Bird Made a Comeback in North Carolina

An estimated 270,000 turkeys can be found in the forests of North Carolina. 

Meet the College of Natural Resources’ 2020-2021 Global Change Fellows, College of Natural Resources, Wolf Plaza, feature

Nov 18, 2020

Meet Our 2020-2021 Global Change Fellows

These graduate students are helping solve global problems through multidisciplinary research. 

Global Change Fellow Tira Beckham is Studying Socio-Political Boundaries to Climate Resilience, College of Natural Resources, Tira Beckham, feature

Nov 18, 2020

Global Change Fellow Tira Beckham is Addressing Socio-Political Barriers to Climate Resilience

As a Global Change Fellow, Beckham hopes to promote equitable governance and communication with vulnerable communities. 

Global Change Fellow Justine Neville is Studying Saltwater Intrusion, College of Natural Resources, Justine Neville, feature

Nov 17, 2020

Global Change Fellow Justine Neville is Seeking Answers About Saltwater Intrusion

Neville is studying the hydrologic drivers of landscape vulnerability to saltwater intrusion, so we can better predict it in the future. 

Global Change Fellow Kathryn Jewell is Studying the Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management, College of Natural Resources, Kathryn Jewell, feature

Nov 13, 2020

Global Change Fellow Kathryn Jewell Wants to Increase Collaboration in Wildlife Conservation

Jewell is a master's student studying fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology. Her research focuses on the human dimensions of wildlife management, with a goal of increasing collaboration in solving wildlife conservation challenges. 

A girls' overnight camp focused on environmental science and ecology.

Nov 12, 2020

Black Ecologists Look to Offer Support, Recruit Next Generation

An NC State ecologist is working to offer support and encouragement to Black professionals and students. 

Gray wolf

Nov 4, 2020

Should Gray Wolves Be Removed From the Endangered Species List?

NC State experts say the species has made an impressive recovery and no longer needs federal protection to avoid extinction.