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Geospatial Analytics Ph.D.

Center Ph.D. Students Volunteer at STEM Resource Fair for K-12 Students with Disabilities

From left to right: Rebecca Composto, Pratikshya Regmi, Titilayo Tajudeen, Emma Butzler standing in front of the Center's table at the K-12 STEM and Resource Fair.

On Saturday, April 6, 2024, Center for Geospatial Analytics Ph.D. students Titilayo Tajudeen, Emma Butzler, Pratikshya Regmi and Rebecca Composto volunteered at a K-12 STEM and Resource Fair for Students with Disabilities and their families.

The event was organized by Catalyst, a program within NC State’s Science House and took place on campus at the McKimmon Center with over 600 attendees.

The Center’s table featured an interactive activity where students used blocks to learn about satellite imagery and its wide applications. Other tables at the event included representation from the US Environmental Protection Agency, NC Space Grant and many other departments at NC State.