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  • General questions:
    Zachary Arcaro | 919-513-4000 | Email
  • Ph.D. in Geospatial Analytics, strategic vision, or research and development opportunities:
    Ross Meentemeyer | 919-513-2372 | Email
  • Professional master’s degree, graduate certificate in GIS or other education and training opportunities:
    Eric Money | 919-513-0408 | Email
  • Advanced geovisualization:
    Helena Mitasova | 919-513-1327 | Email
  • Computing infrastructure and resources:
    Raju Vatsavai | 919-515-6019 | Email
  • Science communication and outreach:
    Megan Skrip | 217-693-7983 | Email

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Center for Geospatial Analytics
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