Forecasting Landscape and Environmental Change

At the Center for Geospatial Analytics, we develop dynamic spatial-temporal models to simulate patterns of landscape and environmental change and help decision-makers explore what may happen in the future under different scenarios. We cultivate an open source community of users and developers who advance these models and find new applications.

rendered 3D view of a landscape

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Upcoming Trainings and Meetings

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Join our user/developer communities

All of the landscape forecasting models at the Center for Geospatial Analytics are open source and continue to expand and improve. We invite you engage with our user/developer communities and help us learn from each other.


Join us on the FUTURES online forum to ask questions, connect with the development team, receive announcements and contribute to discussions. Visit the FUTURES webpage for more information.


The LANDIS-II community is very active with hundreds of users and developers worldwide. We welcome anyone to join the LANDIS-II community and to contribute. All model components are free and open-source. There are active bulletin boards for Users and Developers. And there are meetings and trainings held every year in various locations across the US and Canada. Please visit for further information.


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