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Alumni Profile: Camille Brown

Alumni Camille Brown

Camille Brown ‘16 is a program manager at CORRAL Riding Inc, where she creates programs for middle and high school girls throughout Wake County that helps them stay focused in school and learn necessary relationship skills through horseback riding.

What is a typical day like for you?

A lot of communication with schools (teachers, counselors, etc.) and parents, working on higher level projects as related to program or organizational improvements, one on one time with our participants whether it be mentoring, tutoring, or teaching them to work with horses.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

Working with a team to achieve results, seeing the hard work from the girls and how they learn to make changes for themselves.

What do you find most challenging about your current position?

Work/life balance and not becoming burned out because of the high level of emotional stress we deal with from the kids we work with.

What was your favorite CNR class?

Outdoor Consortium was my favorite class/experience during my time at CNR!

What did you enjoy most about being a CNR student?

I enjoyed getting to know the people in my program and seeing them as we all moved along together.

Did you complete any hands-on experiences like internships, study abroad, co-ops or undergraduate research? If so, what did do you and how did it impact you?

I did my internship where I work now and was hired part-time then full time my last year of college.

Were you involved in any clubs, hobbies or on-campus activities? Any stories you would like to share about your experiences?

I did Engaging Leaders as a freshman, which was a lot of fun. I also was involved in Scholars and led some of their Outdoor Experience trips.

Any advice for incoming CNR students?

Spend a decent amount of time finding an amazing internship! Work part-time or intern as often as possible in the field. The connections are worth it!

What was the most important thing that you learned as a CNR student?

All those dang group activities we did really helped prep me for working on a team.

How do you feel CNR prepared you for your current career?

I think CNR did a really great job of preparing me for where I am now. I do think some required experience earlier on in my degree (PRTM) may have been beneficial.

Do you have any career accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

I love what I do and seeing the girls I work with break their cycle of trauma and circumstance never fails to make me proud.

How did you choose your major and what attracted you to the program at NC State?

I started as a Fisheries and Wildlife major, but switched to PRTM when I heard it was basically learning how to lead and work with people. I wish more people knew about the degree and how much you can do with it!