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Author: Emma Gosalvez

a large section of Christmas trees growing on a hillside outside Boone, North Carolina

Dec 16, 2020

North Carolina’s Christmas Tree Industry Expects a Record Year Despite Coronavirus Concerns

The Christmas tree industry is flourishing this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with growers and retail lots extensively focusing on social distancing and safety. 

Which NC flower are you, College of Natural Resources, Great Smokey Mountains, courtesy Chris Mobley

Dec 14, 2020

Nature Gap: Why Outdoor Spaces Lack Diversity and Inclusion

People of color may be far less likely to engage in outdoor recreation, largely due to historic and modern-day discrimination, but they have played a significant role — and still do — in public parks systems. 

Tractor in a wheat field

Nov 11, 2020

How Animal Manure Could Help Reduce Agriculture’s Carbon Footprint

A new system developed by NC State researchers aims to decarbonize the agriculture industry. 

Overhead view of stadium

Nov 6, 2020

Sport and the Environment: What is the Connection?

Sport can negatively impact the environment, something teams and colleges across the country are working to remedy. 

Wolfpack quarterback Ryan Finley (15) rears back to throw against JMU.

Oct 28, 2020

How to Become a Sports Agent

Students interested in how to become a sports agent may find it to be a rewarding career, especially if they are interested in the business side of sports. 

woman collects samples at stream

Oct 27, 2020

What Can I Do With an Environmental Science Degree?

Students wondering, “What can I do with an environmental science degree?” have many job options available after graduation and are often in high demand across various industries. 

Oct 19, 2020

Your Next Halloween Mask Could Be Made from Trees

NC State researchers are working to create more sustainable, inexpensive masks for Halloween. 

hemlock trees

Sep 23, 2020

A New Hope for the Eastern Hemlock

NC State researchers are developing a new tool to help prevent hemlock woolly adelgid infestations. 

colorful leaves near mountains

Sep 22, 2020

Fall Foliage 2020: Here’s What to Expect in North Carolina

The warm, rainy summer in North Carolina has set the stage for what could be a better-than-average foliage season. 

Sign for Sandy Mush overlooking game land

Sep 21, 2020

Public Hunting Lands Can Increase Your Property Value

Public hunting grounds can have numerous economic benefits for nearby communities.