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Pack Reflections: Shrusti Patel ’24

A student in her cap and gown stands in front of a bronze wolf statue.

Shrusti Patel graduated from the NC State College of Natural Resources in May 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in environmental technology and management and a minor in environmental toxicology.

During her time at NC State, Shrusti served as an inaugural member of the James Buzzard Leadership Development Program. She also volunteered to help at events such as the NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium.

We recently spoke with Patel to learn more about her NC State experience and her plans for the future. Check out the Q&A below.

Why did you choose to study environmental technology and management?

I originally started with physics as my undergraduate major, but I soon realized my passion for learning more about the environment. I was involved in a study that looked over the deforestation rate with change in precipitation levels using geographic information systems, through which I developed a deep interest in the field of environment. My family moved to the United States soon after, and I decided to study environmental technology and management at NC State.

What was your favorite memory from your time at NC State?

I remember taking many classes that align with my interests and major; however, my favorite class among all was TOX 415: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. This class had a rigorous coursework that aligned with my career goals. I really enjoyed and had fun learning about the new and advanced topics about how environmental toxicology intertwines with ecological and human health.

What are your career goals?

I am interested in pursuing a graduate degree. However, I am still debating about the thought of getting a year of field experience. My long-term career interest is to study how environmental and occupational contaminants impact human health.

How has the College of Natural Resources prepared you for your future?

The College of Natural Resources has provided a ton of resources in both professional and personal development. The college has given me an incredible amount of leadership experience, resources needed for classes like tutoring help, and career-related networking opportunities. I am also working as a College of Natural Resources safety intern, and this wouldn’t be possible without support from faculty and staff.

What advice would you give to students entering your major?

Along with spending time in classes, make sure to get involved in different clubs, organizations and communities that can help you grow. The university has incredible resources for students to succeed both academically and personally. Another piece of advice that I would like to spread is to not worry or stress too much about classes, grades or the future and to just be sincere towards your work. Everything else will eventually fall into its place.

Tell us about something you are passionate about outside of your academic studies.

Since I was a kid, I have had a strong interest in learning about the different art, media and crafts of different cultures. I always look out for opportunities that can help me understand and learn more about arts and crafts of different cultures. So far, I have learned fabric art from my mother who is incredibly good at it.