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Author: Sarah Corica

Ghost Forest - SALT Project

Jul 2, 2018

How Changes in Water Quality Today Impact Sustainability Tomorrow

Dr. Marcelo Ardón aims to understand the human and natural processes influencing salinization of surface waters and its impact on farmlands, water sources, forestry plantations and other coastal resources. 

Chad Kibbe installs solar panels with GRID Alternatives as part of the Solar Spring Break ASB trip.

Jun 13, 2018

Environmental Assessment Now Offering Graduate Courses on Renewable Energy Development

Learn more about our new classes: Renewable Energy Policy and Economics; and PV Design and Installation. 

Mary-Margaret McKinney

Jun 6, 2018

Alumni Spotlight: Mary-Margaret McKinney

Alumna Mary-Margaret McKinney is the President and Forester at Carolina Silvics, Inc. Check out her experience as a student and how she puts her forestry skills to use as a private business owner. 

Students in the Forest

May 30, 2018

New Scholarship Provides Opportunity for Forestry Students

Resource Management Service, LLC, (RMS) will fund a new scholarship program for Forest Management majors in the College of Natural Resources. 

How to become a park ranger

May 22, 2018

How to Become a Park Ranger

Students interested in how to become a park ranger should be comfortable working with people, care about nature and enjoy working outdoors every day. With duties that can vary significantly, the core responsibility of a park ranger is to manage and protect our state and national parks as well as the natural environments, wildlife and… 

What can I do with a forestry degree?

May 22, 2018

What Can I Do With a Forestry Degree?

Trees and forested ecosystems are a critical part of our earth, our economy and our way of life, from reducing carbon pollution and purifying groundwater to providing timber for buildings and pulp for paper products. Graduates wondering, “What can I do with a forestry degree?” have many job options available after graduation and are often… 

Ebony Harlem Awards

May 15, 2018

Twenty Honored at Ebony Harlem’s 25th Anniversary

Two College of Natural Resources students receive Ebony Harlem Awards: Environmental Technology and Management student Jordan Anderson and doctoral student Kayelyn Simmons. 

Forestry and Environmental Resources graduate student recognitions

May 11, 2018

Graduate Student Recognitions 2017-2018

College of Natural Resources masters and doctoral students receive recognition for their hard work throughout the year. 

NC State sign

May 10, 2018

Helena Mitasova awarded 2018 Waldo-Tobler GIScience Prize

Helena Mitasova, Associate Director of Geovisualization in the Center for Geospatial Studies, received the prestigious Waldo-Tobler GIScience Prize. 

Danny Who has a Forestry Degree

May 9, 2018

Outstanding Grad: Danny Marulanda

Environmental Sciences and Plant and Soil Sciences double major Danny Marulanda hopes to create a more sustainable future through land stewardship.