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Author: Sarah Corica

Dr. Josh Gray

Aug 28, 2018

Leading a Global Conversation on Deforestation Through Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is unveiling new views of Earth’s surface and fostering an interdisciplinary project between Drs. Josh Gray and Erin Sills to help us better understand and track deforestation and promote more sustainably managed tropical forests. 

SBBP student orientation

Aug 28, 2018

New Program to Fuel Bioeconomy Launches

What do Reebok shoes, fuel and disposable forks have in common? All can be made from biorenewable sources instead of petroleum. This fall, we're welcoming undergraduate students and teachers as part of a new program to promote the bioproducts industry. 

Women walking in park

Aug 27, 2018

Sick and Tired? There’s an App for That

Dr. Jason Bocarro and partners working in public health and wellbeing are testing a revolutionary new app that communicates with patients and helps them fill park prescriptions for a more healthy lifestyle. 

Raptor Release at Summer Camp

Aug 27, 2018

Faculty and Staff Summer Adventures

Much like our students, College of Natural Resources faculty and staff  get out of our classrooms and offices during the summer to make an impact on campus and around the world. From research to arts, we've been busy this season. 

Fall in the Court of North Carolina

Aug 16, 2018

Alumni Spotlight: Alex Bennett

Alumnus Alex Bennet is the Forsyth County Recreation Manager. 

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management alumnus Stephen Louis

Aug 1, 2018

Personal #Statement: Stephen Louis

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management alumnus Stephen Louis talks about the impact of family and brotherhood on his college and athletic career. 

Clothes hanging on line

Jul 30, 2018

What’s in Your Laundry?

Dr. Richard Venditti has partnered with Cotton Incorporated and the Australian government's Cotton Research and Development Corporation to discover what happens to small particles of cotton, polyester, rayon and blends that are released during the washing of our clothes. 

Ashwin Shashidharan Center for Geospatial Analytics

Jul 27, 2018

RRS Welcomes Dr. Charlynne T. Smith as our Director

Dr. Charlynne Smith is excited to join the Recreation Resources Service team as the new director. Her expertise and passion make her a perfect fit for the job. 


Jul 23, 2018

UGPN Research Collaboration Fund Recipients Announced

Eric Money, Associate Director of Professional Education and Teaching Assistant Professor for the Center for Geospatial Analytics, is a recipient of the Research Collaboration Fund for his research on bringing environmental quality and new life to city centers. 

Ghost Forest - SALT Project

Jul 2, 2018

How Changes in Water Quality Today Impact Sustainability Tomorrow

Dr. Marcelo Ardón aims to understand the human and natural processes influencing salinization of surface waters and its impact on farmlands, water sources, forestry plantations and other coastal resources.