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deja perkins_feature

Mar 19, 2019

Triangle Bird Count To Shed Light On Urban Wildlife

Wildlife researchers are launching a bird population survey in the Triangle region. 

controlled burn

Feb 18, 2019

Burning Desire: Rejuvenating A Rare Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

Jodi Forrester, a professor in Forestry and Environmental Resources, is teaming up with fellow researchers to restore a field laboratory recently destroyed by a fire. 

ash tree

Jan 18, 2019

Can Genetic Engineering Save Disappearing Forests?

Forests in the U.S. face many threats: climate change, invasive species, pests and pathogens. Could genetically engineering trees make these plants more resilient? 

Christmas Tree Farm

Dec 6, 2018

NC State Helps Homegrown Holiday Hobby

With the help of NC State soil scientists, CNR researchers and local extension agents, Ricky Postell is growing his Christmas tree operation. 

bat box

May 5, 2018

Evicted Bats Get New Digs on Campus

After University Transportation ousted a colony of bats from a campus parking deck, a group of faculty and staff from across the University collaborated to find the bats a new home. 

fire ant

Feb 26, 2018

Intensive Biomass Harvest Linked to Fire Ant Colonization, Decreased Invertebrate Diversity

NC State researchers find that removing almost all of the woody debris on the ground after timber cutting can open the door to invasive red imported fire ant colonization. 


Jan 25, 2018

How Humans Affect Mammal Movement

Forestry and Environmental Resources Research Associate Professor Roland Kays explains a new international study of the movements of 57 mammal species, from weasel-like fishers in Albany, New York, to maneless lions in Tsavo, Kenya. 


Jan 13, 2018

How Winter Temps Can Affect Your Spring Fishing

Research by Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology doctoral student Tim Ellis has changed what we know about spotted seatrout and cold weather. 

Africa Excursion

Jan 6, 2018

Using New Technologies to Preserve Wildlife and Wild Spaces

Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology majors use new technologies to better study and protect African wildlife. 

Yosemite National Park

Jan 31, 2017

Nielsen Explores Eight Conservationists Who Changed Our World in New Book

In his new book, Dr. Larry A. Nielsen pens eight riveting biographies of great conservationists. His engaging narratives take a deeper look beyond the most notable accomplishments to bring each person to life.