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Tag: Forest Health

Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Sunrise Scenic Mountains Autumn Landscape

Sep 10, 2021

North Carolina’s Fall Foliage: Will it Be a Disappointing Year?

This year’s fall foliage might not live up to expectation as warm, dry conditions persist across the state, according to an expert at NC State. 

Aug 31, 2021

5 Ways Climate Change Impacts Forests

Climate change is expected to worsen over the next century as greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, a trend that experts say will have consequences for the health of forests worldwide. 

NC State Grad Becomes the Town of Cary’s First Urban Forestry Manager, College of Natural Resources, Katie Rose Levin, feature

Aug 10, 2021

NC State Alum Katie Levin is Protecting Trees, Promoting Environmental Justice

Levin, who graduated with a degree in environmental technology in 2006, has had a career rooted in protecting natural resources. Now she's the first urban forestry manager for the Town of Cary. 

Coffee tree

Aug 3, 2021

Many Nonprofits, Companies Report Using Commercial Species in Tree Planting Projects

A new study led by a researcher from NC State provides a detailed look at what forest restoration organizations across the tropics are actually doing on the ground. 

A forest in the mountains of Southwest Mexico.

Jun 21, 2021

In Mexican Mountains, Some Tree Species Could be Vulnerable to Climate Change

A study led by an NC State researcher found species of pine and oaks in the mountains of Mexico could be vulnerable to climate change. 

Jun 18, 2021

Researchers Design Simulation Tool to Predict Disease, Pest Spread

The tool can predict when and where pests and diseases will attack crops or forests, and also test when to apply pesticides or other management strategies to contain them. 

Asian longhorned beetle - Forestry Experts Want You to Watch Out for 'Poolside Pests' - College of Natural Resources News NC State University

Jun 15, 2021

Forestry Experts Want You to Watch Out for ‘Poolside Pests’

An NC State researcher is looking for reports of invasive insects: Asian longhorned beetle and spotted lanternfly. 

ghost forest - Study Finds Ghosts Forest 'Tree Farts' Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions - College of Natural Resources News NC State University

May 13, 2021

Study Finds Ghost Forest ‘Tree Farts’ Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from standing dead trees in coastal wetland forests – colloquially called "tree farts" – need to be accounted for when assessing the environmental impact of so-called “ghost forests.” 

Wetland forest, seen from a research tower - Natural Forest in Coastal N.C. Becomes Carbon Source as 'Ghost Forest' Spreads - College of Natural Resources News NC State University

May 6, 2021

Natural Forest in Coastal N.C. Becomes Carbon Source as ‘Ghost Forest’ Spreads

NC State researchers found natural coastal forests were carbon sources, while the timing of harvest could impact whether coastal timber forests were sinks or sources. 

Forest in Oregon damaged by fire.

Jan 25, 2021

Ecologist: People Should Prepare for Landscapes to Change

In a new book, an NC State professor describes how land managers and communities should expect landscape change and plan for it.