Tangible Landscape Raises Geospatial Awareness At NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Open House

A photo of children at the NC State Veterinary Medicine open house

The Center’s Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Lab was invited to showcase the Tangible Landscape technology at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Open House on March 28. Visitors of all ages had the opportunity to explore different water and erosion management decisions on a farm property using Tangible Landscape.  The system couples physical and digital models in a real-time feedback cycle of 3D scanning, geospatial modeling and projection, allowing designers and decision makers to easily and rapidly test ideas while being guided by scientific feedback. Since many users can interact with the physical model at once by manipulating a special malleable sand, the Tangible Landscape encourages collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange. This interactive technology brought out the creativity in many of the younger visitors who wanted to stay longer playing in the sand. Demonstrations were held at NC State’s Veterinary Medicine Library.

Tangible Landscape
Children manipulate the sand to explore alternative water and erosion management decisions.
Tangible Landscape
The Center’s Anna Petrasova (pictured left) explains to visitors how Tangible Landscape works.