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2020 TRELIS Fellows Announced

Jelena Vukomanovic with students
Jelena Vukomanovic (center) discusses research with students at NC State.

Editor’s note: The following press release was produced by the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

In May 2020, the TRELIS project, Training and Retaining Leaders in STEM-Geospatial Sciences, will hold its third workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii. TRELIS is a unique model for professional development for women educators in the geospatial sciences. The program builds leadership capacity and skills to address career development, communication, conflict resolution, and work-life integration. With the name, we instill the concept of a human capital trellis or scaffold of support, and embrace the reality of nonlinear career trajectories that move sideways, take leaps, and do not follow a single upward ladder. There is significant demand for TRELIS-related knowledge and support in the geospatial sciences, reflected in part by the large pool of applicants to TRELIS events each year.

The 2020 TRELIS Fellows will participate in a 3-day workshop that has been designed to target topics and concerns of early-career individuals and focus on envisioning and crafting leadership pathways. Immediately following the workshop, the TRELIS Fellows will continue their professional development exchanges during the UCGIS Symposium. We are pleased to announce the following members of our 2020 cohort:

  • Jennifer Bernstein, University of Southern California
  • Heng Cai, Texas A&M University
  • Patricia Carbajales-Dale, Clemson University
  • Laura Clemente-Harding, Engineer Research and Development Center: Geospatial Research Lab
  • Angela Cunningham, University of Luxembourg
  • Carolyn Fish, University of Oregon
  • Anna Klimaszewski-Patterson, California State University, Sacramento
  • Candice Landry, Pennsylvania State University at Altoona
  • Jieun Lee, University of Northern Colorado
  • Yanan Li, Texas State University
  • Yue Qin, The Ohio State University
  • Kim Rollings, University of Notre Dame
  • Cecilia Smith, University of Chicago
  • Jelena Vukomanovic, North Carolina State University
  • Ashley York, Rowan University

TRELIS is managed by a leadership team from the University of Maine, San José State University, the University of Colorado, the University of Southern California, Arizona State University, Tableau Software, and the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS). It is supported with generous funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF Grant #1660400). For more information, contact Kate Beard, TRELIS PI, at the University of Maine or look for resources at