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Manager/Lifeguard/Certified Pool Operator

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Manager/Lifeguard/Certified Pool Operator
Southall Swim & Racquet Club


Manage the overall operations of Southall Swim and Racquet Club (SSRC) facilities in a manner that is fiscally responsible and that demonstrates exceptional customer service.


Ensure the safe operation of the pool, tennis area and grounds.


Administer the day-to-day management of SSRC by delegating responsibility and authority when possible and handling management duties directly when necessary.


The Pool Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of SSRC.


The Pool Manager will work with SSRC Board and other volunteers to open the club in May and close the club in September.


The Pool Manager will act as a liaison between members and the Board of Directors and will be responsible for conveying member ideas, concerns or issues, in an objective manner, to the board as appropriate.


The Pool Manager is responsible for knowing club members, treating them as important customers, and facilitating exceptional customer relations throughout the season.


The Pool Manager acts as head lifeguard during the season and is expected to work guarding shifts while performing other manager duties.



The Pool Manager is responsible for:

·    Recruiting lifeguarding staff and working with the board to finalize lifeguard selections. 

·    Insuring all guard documentation and certifications are provided to the SSRC board before opening day.

·   Training guards on pool operations. 

·    Optimizing labor costs at all times. This entails staffing each shift at the ideal level to provide needed guest and facility services without waste. The manager should monitor pool attendance, weather, and special events, and make dynamic adjustments to staffing to ensure best efficiency.

·    Managing, motivating, and maintaining good working relationship with lifeguards.



The Pool Manager is responsible for reporting to the board with regular updates on Maintenance, Operations, Finance or other information as requested by the board.

The Pool Manager should attend 1-2 board meetings when Club is closed and all board meetings when club is open per year as required and prepare meaningful management reports to the board.


Ensure the Wake County CPO daily checklist is completed and documented. 

Ensure the SSRC Opening and Closing daily tasks are competed and documented

Keep daily records of pool usage by members and guests

Report any maintenance or operations issues to the board

Provide guidance to lifeguards on daily maintenance tasks that need to be performed

Perform or comply with all Operations procedures as separately documented, including, but not limited to:

·    CPO Checklist

·    Daily Task Checklist

·    CPO Operational-responsibilities

·    All posted pumphouse operating procedures


Work with board on development and setup of concessions, pricing, menus, and register for the year

Train guards on finance procedures including register operations, credit card processing and daily sales summary

Report any financial discrepancies immediately to the board


The pool manager must be certified by Wake County and either the National Swimming Pool Foundation or the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association.  The pool manager must also be Red Cross or American Lifeguard Association certified for Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR.

 The pool manager is expected to be on duty a MINIMUM of 35 hours per week during the active club season (school close to Labor Day), with the exception of one week vacation during the summer.  The Pool Manager is expected to work at least one shift on both Saturday and Sunday as they are the club’s most important and busy operational times.  Any employment outside of SSRC by the Pool Manager during the summer required board approval.  Pool Managers needing to leave before the season ends to attend college will be accommodated by the board.

 The Pool Manager should have excellent management and communication skills and ability to deal with people, balancing assertiveness and objectivity with tact and diplomacy and in depth knowledge of the operations of a private club, pool and tennis facilities.

 The Pool Manager should maintain a positive attitude while promoting the club and motivate other staff daily. Effective communication skills are also necessary to assign tasks to staff and in speaking with club members.

The Pool Manager must be a strong swimmer, as they oversee lifeguards and may have to assist in case of drowning or other medical emergencies.

Certifications required:
Lifeguarding, National CPO and Wake County CPO.
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Raleigh, North Carolina United States
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