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forest biomaterials

Erin Sills, Richard Venditti and Steve Kelley receive named Professorships

Apr 23, 2018

Three Named Professorships Awarded

The College of Natural Resources announces the appointments of Dr. Erin Sills, Dr. Richard Venditti and Dr. Stephen Kelley to three named professorships.

Alumnus Jeff Reese and his family

Apr 22, 2018

Alumnus Receives Distinguished Service Award

Jeff Reese, a 1985 graduate of Paper Science and Engineering, received the Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award for outstanding leadership and support as a TAPPI volunteer at PaperCon in Charlotte.

Tethis meeting

Mar 6, 2018

NC State MBA Startup Tethis Receives Wolfpack Investor Network’s Largest Capital Raise to Date

The Tethis team initially developed a business concept based on using a corn-based fiber – developed by professors Joel Pawlak and Richard Venditti in NC State’s College of Natural Resources – to filter pollutants out of water used in the fracking process, before pivoting their business to focus on producing biodegradable absorbent material for diapers.

Khandoker Salem

Feb 19, 2018

Student Spotlight: Khandoker Salem

Doctoral student Khandoker Salem is a Forest Biomaterials Graduate Research Assistant focused on the chemical modification of nanocellulose.

earth observation

Feb 15, 2018

Student Spotlight: Navodya Denuwara

Sustainable Materials and Technology major Navodya Denuwara spent her summer interning with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in Washington, D.C.

Daniel Richardson

Feb 12, 2018

Student Spotlight: Daniel Richardson

Paper Science and Engineering major Daniel Richardson completed a semester-long internship at WestRock in Virginia as a Process Engineering Intern.

Lindsay Leonard

Nov 29, 2017

Student Spotlight: Lindsay Leonard

Paper Science and Engineering major Lindsay Leonard spent her summer and fall semesters on co-op with two different companies that allowed her to see the many sides of the pulp and paper industry.

Heather Starkey in China

Oct 16, 2017

Student Spotlight: Heather Starkey

Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering double major Heather Starkey recently visited China as part of the Paper International Experience (PIE).

Matthew Byington in Iceland

Oct 4, 2017

Student Spotlight: Matthew Byington

Matthew Byington, a Sustainable Materials and Technology major, studied Renewable Energy Technology at Reykjavik University in Iceland.

Michael Larkins in Germany

Sep 18, 2017

Student Spotlight: Michael Larkins

Paper Science and Chemical engineering double major spent a semester abroad in Rheinbach, Germany, researching the use of lignin in cellulose films for potential use in food packaging.