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Center Researchers Analyze Effects of Climate Change with Lenovo and Artificial Intelligence

Lenovo is formally collaborating with researchers at the Center for Geospatial Analytics to study the effects of climate change on food and water resources. This is one of the first projects supported under Lenovo’s Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center. Raju Vatsavai, associate director of spatial computing and technology at the Center for Geospatial Analytics, is leading the research.

“We’re very pleased with the work we are doing around such a global issue like freshwater supply. As we look to leverage more advanced computational processes and deep learning methods, our existing infrastructure is no longer sufficient,” Raju explains. “By partnering with Lenovo and its AI innovation center in Morrisville, we’ve not only gained access to infrastructure that has been optimized for machine learning workloads, but also a wealth of knowledge from Lenovo and its partners whose engineers and consultants are skilled in AI.”