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GGSO Celebrates Earth Week with Virtual Sustainability Challenge

recycling bin
The mobile app used during the GGSO Earth Week Challenge listed a range of suggested sustainability actions to perform, alongside words of encouragement, e.g., “It’s not just a 5-cent refund. Recycling is a warm fuzzy feeling inside! There’s no easier way to make a big difference (and get some points). So make sure your paper, bottles and other non-thrash get to the bin where they belong.” Image credit: Corey White

NC State University’s Geospatial Graduate Student Organization (GGSO) engaged students across the Center for Geospatial Analytics community last week for a five-day challenge to make sustainable choices and earn points to win GGSO gear.

“The GGSO Earth Week Challenge was a huge success!” says Geospatial Analytics Ph.D. student Corey White, who organized the event to take place virtually on the mobile app Joulebug Enterprise

Fifteen participants in friendly competition logged a total of 272 sustainability actions and saved 25 kg of waste from landfills, 388 kg of carbon dioxide and 1.4 thousand liters of water. 

challenge dashboard
The challenge dashboard tracked environmental impact throughout the week. Image credit: Corey White

“The competition was very close for first and second place,” Corey says, “with Daniela Agostini pulling away with a photo finish win over Caroline Wood, and Anja Collette coming in third.” Each winner will receive a GGSO t-shirt, versatile cloth buff or headband. 

Curious about the top five most logged sustainable actions? Participants in the challenge most often recorded:

  • Water Off While Brushing 
  • Save a Flush
  • Walking
  • Telecommute
  • Reusable Water Bottle

Thanks to the GGSO, challenge participants and all of the center community members who make sustainable choices every day!