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Congrats to Our December 2023 Graduates!

NC State graduation

At December graduation, NC State is awarding five doctorates, 12 professional master’s (MGIST) degrees and 21 graduate certificates to members of the Center for Geospatial Analytics community. Congratulations to all of our students on their success!


Our Geospatial Analytics Ph.D. program unites departments across the university to train a new generation of interdisciplinary data scientists skilled in developing novel understanding of spatial phenomena and applying new knowledge to grand challenges.

Elyssa Collins, advised by Ross Meentemeyer and Georgina Sanchez
Dissertation: Computationally Efficient Approaches to Modeling Flood Risk and River Discharge at Scale
Xiaojie Gao
Xiaojie Gao, advised by Josh Gray
Dissertation: Does Chilling Explain the Divergent Response of Spring Phenology to Urban Heat Islands?
Kimia Karimi
Kimia Karimi, advised by Dan Obenour
Dissertation: Assessing Spatio-Temporal Variability in Watershed Nutrient Loadings Using Statistical-Mechanistic Modeling
Rohith Matli
Rohith Matli, advised by Dan Obenour
Dissertation: Estimating and Forecasting the Spatio-Temporal Hypoxia Dynamics in Northern Gulf of Mexico
Ian McGregor
Ian McGregor, advised by Josh Gray
Dissertation: Advancing Near Real-Time Deforestation Monitoring via Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, Landscape Processes and End-User Contributions

Master of Geospatial Information Science and Technology

Our MGIST program equips students with the knowledge and tools to become geospatial professionals through a unique curriculum that leverages NC State’s strengths in computational and data sciences and interdisciplinary training, in combination with professional skills development. The degree was designed to be completed entirely online, allowing flexibility for both students just entering the work force and those already established. Learn more about this semester’s service-learning capstone projects.

And congratulations to our MGIST poster competition winnerKim Garrett!

MGIST graduates: Jon Beauchaine, Micaela Bozic, Bernadette Burton, Claire Daniels, Christian Fleming, Kim Garrett, Lavery Hoard, Michael O'Neill, Jon Owens, Cameron Renfro, Michael Strunin, Hailey Tuttle

Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Science

Our graduate certificate provides students with a graduate level academic credential in advanced GIS applications. This program is designed for students who wish to establish themselves in GIS practice, enhance current skill sets or are not yet ready to commit to a full graduate program. The certificate can be completed entirely online and is also available to current NC State students enrolled in a non-GIS graduate degree.

Certificate graduates: Micaela Bozic, Syd Case, Swarna Chowdhury, Jason Fennell, Jackie Fisher, Amanda Fox, Avi Goldsmith, Hallie Hartley, Emma Hirschy, Jennifer Honeycutt, Ashley Lynn, Liam John Maher, Melissa McKay, Kathryn Milke, Heidi Nicolson, Parks Nunnally, Christina Sachs, Heather Summer, Lauren Thompson, Angela Wood, Lisa Wrede