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Geospatial Analytics Ph.D.

“I Use Geospatial Analytics To…” Part VI

In Fall 2023, the Center for Geospatial Analytics welcomed its sixth cohort of Geospatial Analytics Ph.D. students. Geospatial analytics is a branch of data science that spans myriad disciplines, and our students’ research interests are just as varied!

Curious about what our newest students will work on for their dissertations? Check out how they will use geospatial analytics for research, as they join our other cohorts of students on their academic journeys.

“I use geospatial analytics to…”

Eamon Espey
Eamon Espey

“…understand socio-ecological systems and model multiple facets of their vulnerability under various future climatic and management scenarios”
Advisor: Jelena Vukomanovic

Isabel Gutierrez
Isabel Gutierrez

“…evaluate the sustainability of golf courses and greenspaces.”
Advisor: Aaron Hipp

Gwen Kirschke
Gwen Kirschke

“…predict the distribution of nectar resources across habitat matrices.”
Advisor: Elsa Youngsteadt

Erin O'Connell
Erin O’Connell

“…model high-risk areas for biological invasions and train machine-learning algorithms to look for host vegetation species.”
Co-advisors: Chris Jones and Ross Meentemeyer

Pratikshya Regmi
Pratikshya Regmi

“…study impacts of dynamic soil properties on landscape processes using mapping from UAS and geospatial simulations and contribute to the Growing the GRASS GIS Open Source Ecosystem project by extending its educational materials and tutorials with data and applications from my home country of Nepal.”
Advisor: Helena Mitasova

Titilayo Tajudeen
Titilayo Tajudeen

“…examinine dynamics in forest hydrologic systems and the impacts of climate on these changes to enhance environmental sustainability.”
Advisor: Katie Martin

As they move through their program, Geospatial Analytics Ph.D. students enjoy a shared learning journey with their cohort, as well as engage with other students in the program and benefit from the support of the Geospatial Graduate Student Organization.

Interested in joining this talented group? The application deadline for our Ph.D. program in Geospatial Analytics is February 1! Contact our Graduate Services Coordinator, Rachel Kasten, with any questions or to connect with a potential advisor.