Academic Advisors

Advising is a partnership between you and your advisor that is grounded in frequent communication regarding personal goals, self-knowledge, and information about majors, careers, and university policies. Advisors do not “prescribe” answers for you; rather, they prompt you with questions or resources you need to explore your unique interests, abilities, and values, and reach your personal, academic, and career goals. While academic advising is a collaborative process, the ultimate responsibility for your educational experience rests with you, the student.

All students at the College of Natural Resources will be assigned an academic advisor who is a faculty member in his or her major. The advisor’s job is to provide you with information about academic requirements and procedures, and to help you plan your academic program.

Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor two times per semester:

  1. Initial Advising – toward the beginning of the semester you will discuss current courses, university resources, and major requirements.
  2. Registration Advising – midway through the semester you need to review your short and long-term academic plan. If planning requirements are met, your “hold” will be released to register.

Keep in mind that advisors can be helpful to you as you think about what you’d like to do after graduation and how you can best prepare yourself for a career. They have real world knowledge of careers in your major and connect you with great opportunities like internships, research, and eventually a job. So make sure to share with them your career goals and ask questions.

The Advisor’s Job

  • To provide you with the information about academic requirements and procedures
  • To help you plan your academic program
  • To help you as you think about what you’d like to do after graduation and how you can best prepare yourself for your future career
  • Release advising hold for the semester

The Advisee’s (Student) Job

  • To get to know your advisor
  • To ask questions beyond those necessary to get your advising hold released to register
  • To take the initiative when talking with your advisor

Your advisor plays an important support role, but ultimately the responsibility for planning your individual program and meeting academic requirements and deadlines belong to you.

Familiarize yourself with the academic rules and deadlines by:

Finding your advisor

Sign into MyPack and your advisor’s contact information will be on the main page, right column. They will also be listed on your degree audit.

Don’t see an advisor listed? Contact one of the Advising Coordinators below.

Advising Coordinators

Major Advising Coordinator Email Phone Number
College of Natural Resources Undeclared Yvonne Lee 919.515.5741
Environmental Technology and Management Terrie Litzenberger 919.515.7581
Environmental Sciences Kimber Lunsford 919-513-2582
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Dr. Lara Pacifici 919.515.3431
Forest Management Dr. Gary Blank 919.515.7566
Natural Resources Dr. Gary Blank 919.515.7566
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Dr. Kim Bush 919.513.3939
Paper Science and Engineering Dr. Med Byrd 919.515.5790
Professional Golf Management Dr. Rob Wade 919.515.4515
Sports Management Dr. Kim Bush 919.513.3939
Sustainable Materials and Technology Dr. Perry Peralta 919.515.5731
Environmental First Year Program Megan Lupek 919-515-5455