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CNR Tutoring Program

The College of Natural Resources is invested in helping our students achieve academic success, so we offer free tutoring services. Tutors are carefully chosen to ensure that they mastered the content of the courses they tutor.

Students Studying - College of Natural Resources at NC State University

CNR Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring provides students easy access to a tutor that can assist them in a select group of courses. For the Spring 2024 semester, we will have tutors in our drop-in center to assist with these courses:


  • ARE 201
  • BIO 181
  • CH 101
  • GIS 280
  • MA 141
  • MA 241
  • MA 131
  • MA 231


  • BIO 181
  • CH 111
  • CH 101
  • CH 201
  • CH 221
  • CH 223
  • EC 201
  • MA 131
  • MA 141
  • MA 241
  • ST 311

Schedule and Location

To view our drop-in tutoring calendar with details on which courses will be available, please click here. You can also save this calendar on your own Google Calendar to refer back to.

Drop-in tutoring is held in Biltmore 2026 and begins 1/17/2024. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-6:30 PM.

Student Expectations

Students should come to tutorial sessions prepared having attended class and taken notes, with all necessary books and materials, and having attempted homework and assignments.

The tutor is a successful student, but not a teacher or an expert. Though they are a good resource, the tutor will not do the student’s work and is not responsible for the student’s final course grade.

Meet our Team

Kinsley Ferguson - College of Natural Resources at NC State University
Ryn FloodKinley FurgesonSydney Ford
Major: Environmental SciencesMajor: Natural Resources Major: Paper Science & Engineering
Courses Offered: MA 131, MA 231, BIO 181 Courses Offered: BIO 181, GIS 280Courses Offered: CH 101, MA 141, MA 241
John Mark PolkCameron Pate
Major: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyMajor: Paper Science and Engineering; Chemical Engineering
Courses Offered: CH 111, CH 101, ST 311, BIO 181, FOR 172, FW 221, ARE 201Courses Offered: MA 141, MA 241, CH 101, CH 201, CH 221, CH 223, EC 201

The Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) also has assistance for writing and speaking (which is open to undergraduate and graduate students) by appointment. Programs include an academic peer mentoring program for students who want regular support with time management and study skills, drop-in tutoring, group and one-on-one tutoring, writing appointments, and supplemental instruction.

Some of the services the ASC offers includes:

Tutoring for Courses Outside of CNR

Want to Join our Team?

If you are interested in joining our team as a tutor, please fill out this CNR Tutor Application Form.