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Phillip Doerr

Professor Emeritus, Fisheries and Wildlife Program

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources


Area(s) of Expertise

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

B.A. – The Colorado College (1964)
M.S. – Colorado State University (1968)
Ph.D. – University of Wisconsin (1973)

Research Interests:
Wildlife population ecology; Landscape ecology and management (esp. of the longleaf pine ecosystem); Winter bird community structure; Endangered species conservation; Game bird ecology and management.

FW 453/553 – Principles of Wildlife Science
FW 430 – Fisheries & Wildlife Administration, Policy and Law
FW 554 – Wildlife Field Study
FW 493 – Special Topics in Wildlife Techniques


  • Kleist, A. M., Lancia, R. A., & Doerr, P. D. (2007). Using video surveillance to estimate wildlife use of a highway underpass. Journal of Wildlife Management, 71(8), 2792-2800.
    Publication type: Article
  • Case, B. C., Lewbart, G. A., & Doerr, P. D. (2005). The physiological and behavioural impacts of and preference for an enriched environment in the eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina). Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 92(4), 353-365.
    Publication type: Article
  • Walters, J. R., Daniels, S. J., Carter, J. H., & Doerr, P. D. (2002). Defining quality of red-cockaded woodpecker foraging habitat based on habitat use and fitness. Journal of Wildlife Management, 66(4), 1064-1082.
    Publication type: Article
  • Davenport, D. E., Lancia, R. A., Walters, J. R., & Doerr, P. D. (2000). Red-cockaded woodpeckers: a relationship between reproductive fitness and habitat in the North Carolina Sandhills. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 28(2), 426-434.
    Publication type: Article
  • Cobb, D. T., & Doerr, P. D. (1997). Eastern wild turkey reproduction in an area subjected to flooding. Journal of Wildlife Management, 61(2), 313-317.
    Publication type: Article