College Deans are responsible for annually reviewing the administrative performance of Associate Deans and their direct reports. They are also responsible for comprehensive reviews of Associate Deans every five years and may also apply the review process to college directors. Comprehensive reviews are conducted pursuant to NCSU Regulation 05.50.7 – Review of Associate Deans and include an assessment of the administrative areas of responsibility of these positions. They are held at intervals of not more than five years.


Below are the five-year reviews being conducted for Academic Year 2016-17.

Three documents are available as part of this review:

  • Overview of the position description
  • Report provided by the employee in lieu of a presentation
  • Survey evaluation tool for your completion accessed under the report bullet.

Your feedback is provided to the Dean for an overall assessment. The results of the survey will be summarized by the Dean and shared with the employee being evaluated, however identifying comments and the individual survey results will not be. Please review the report prior to completing the on-line survey.

Thank you for taking the time to review the documents and complete the surveys.

Five-year review for Academic Year 2016-17

Robert (Bob) E. Bardon, Associate Dean for Extension

Job Description

Primary Purpose of Position – Associate Dean for Extension

This position provides leadership for the oversight, direction and guidance in the area of extension for the College of Natural Resources. The Associate Dean functions within the broad organizational direction provided by the Dean and in coordination with the Director of the NC Cooperative Extension Service in the implementation of University, College, and Cooperative Extension policies and programs. The Associate Dean coordinates efforts between departmental extension units within the college and between the college and NC Cooperative Extension. The Associate Dean advises the Dean on the development of program and administrative policy consistent with NC State University and NC Cooperative Extension.

Primary Function of Organizational Unit

This unit is responsible for administering the Cooperative Extension program for the College of Natural Resources. The College of Natural Resources Extension Program (CNR Extension) is the major education outreach arm of the College and is part of NC State University Cooperative Extension program, the major educational outreach arm of the University. CNR Extension is committed to delivering high-quality, research based education programs and information to North Carolina citizens and communities.

Other Work Responsibilities

  • Liaison between Cooperative Extension Administration and College of Natural Resources Administration.
  • Mentor faculty and staff in areas of Extension
  • Advise department heads in matters pertaining to administration and delivery of Extension programs
  • Facilitate Extension efforts among the three departments
  • Lead PI on Sentinel Landscape and University Cooperative for Readiness and Conservation
  • Carry out any other administrative responsibility as delegated by the Dean


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