Community for Diversity

True diversity is allowing yourself to be open to difference, having an intellectual understanding of the importance of diversity and a true feeling of its importance. Only when the head and the heart work together can positive change take place.


In the Community for Diversity, we work to ensure that our faculty, staff, students and alumni feel welcome. Through partnerships and collaborations with other colleges, industry, government and non-government agencies, communities, and you, we maximize our gifts to increase diversity through dialogue, work and research.

We strive to recruit, retain and increase a more diverse class of students, while collaborating with faculty on diversity issues and facilitating programs that highlight diversity in natural resources. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to promoting scholarly excellence and making our college a statewide, regional and national program, accessible to a growing population.


The Community for Diversity offers a wide variety of services to help the College of Natural Resources meet the challenges and opportunities of diversity. From creating an inclusive and welcoming classroom environment to recruiting more diverse students, faculty and staff, we’re here to help you.

  • Lectures: The Community for Diversity lectures deliver important messages that are welcoming and challenging. Our staff lecturers include doctoral candidates and instructors who have a wealth of experience in diverse education for students, faculty, and staff at NC State and other institutions.
  • Counseling and Resources: Our doors are always open to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or suggestions. Below you will also find resources to aid you in finding the answers you seek. With links to articles, organizations and networks related to diversity, this is a great place to find information and make connections.
  • Training: The Community for Diversity has certified trainers who facilitate diversity training sessions. Training sessions are available for classes, departments or working groups, or on an individual basis. Topics include general diversity training, protected class training, LGBT ally training, workplace harassment training and many others. For more details, please email us. You can also attend Opening Doors training at NC State.
  • Facilitation: We provides facilitator for controversial issue resolution, disputes over workplace diversity issues and other topics. When appropriate, we can connect you with outside facilitators or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Equity.
  • Classroom Activities: Our office works with you to provide diversity related presentations, activities or assignments for your classroom. It’s important that College of Natural Resources students understand the value of diversity and possess the skills to meet the challenges and opportunities that diversity presents. This is an integral part of student education that helps them be truly competitive in this global marketplace.
  • Curriculum Consultations: Diversity lesson plans and activities can be a significant part of classroom learning, but creating an inclusive curriculum throughout the semester is especially important. We can help you find places in your existing lesson plans to incorporate diversity through inclusive language, examples and activities.




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Questions or want to join our community?

Dr. Shaefny Grays, Associate Director

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