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Elisabeth Wheeler

Professor Emeritus


Date: 08/01/05 - 12/31/08
Amount: $243,039.00
Funding Agencies: National Science Foundation (NSF)

The goals of this project are 1) to create an Internet-accessible fossil wood database with coded anatomical descriptions; 2) to integrate images of fossil woods into that database; 3) to enhance an existing modern wood database (5500 + records) by adding numerous recently donated wood anatomical images. Protocols used for preparing the modern wood Oracle database, InsideWood (, were adapted for incorporating the fossil wood database (1500+ records) into the InsideWood web site. Images were created and indexed in accordance with Library of Congress best practices for digital collections. The large number of images contributed to this project added value to the InsideWood website, but also increased the workload. Each of the 36,0000 + images in the database is linked via metadata tags to specimen information, taxonomic information, and contributor information. These databases have been developed with non-exclusive, open architecture to allow for long-term sustainability.

Date: 07/01/03 - 12/31/05
Amount: $279,455.00
Funding Agencies: National Science Foundation (NSF)

This is a request for an REU supplement. A student will investigate a suite of Tertiary fossil woods, and evaluate their relationships to modern plants. This work will enhance the InsideWood database for wood identification, teaching, and research.

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