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Resources for Instructors

DASA Resources

Resources on Effective Teaching

Award Opportunities

Please check the respective pages to determine who is eligible for each award.

Useful Links

  • MyPack Portal is where instructors manage student information for courses, such as grades, rosters, and progress reports.
  • Wolfware is where instructors can manage technologies (including access for TA’s) for their courses, such as the Moodle Learning Management System, Mediasite, etc.
    • See the Faculty Center page on the MyPack Portal Help guide website for information on how to navigate to your class schedule, class roster, grade roster, and progress reporting tools.
    • The General Navigation Overview tutorial is an introduction to using MyPack Portal and explains how to customize your navigation settings.
  • Summer Session information

CNR Contacts for Questions

Departmental Contacts

Please contact the program’s Department Head if you have questions, concerns, or comments about instructional matters, including the teaching peer review process, teaching evaluations, or programmatic issues. 

For issues in courses/programs at the undergraduate level, reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUPs), and the Director of Graduate Programs (DGPs) at the graduate level.

Directors of Undergraduate Programs/Minors

Directors of Graduate Programs/Certificates

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Melissa Pasquinelli
The ADAA is always willing to assist all faculty and staff with questions around instructional matters.

Director of Information and Instructional Technology Josh Gira
If you have questions, comments, or concerns around classroom facilities and technologies, please contact him.  He is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions. He also chairs the CNR Classroom and Instruction Advisory Team.

Director of Academic and Student Support Services Yvonne Lee
If you do not know who to ask about anything related to instruction, she can help you figure it out! She is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions. 

Coordinator of Academic Affairs and Student Support
Send questions or concerns regarding your course or classroom to our Coordinator. This position also handles registration issues like prerequisite overrides and other registration errors. and is happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions.