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Posting a Video

Video Channels

You can upload a video to Youtube, either to your YouTube personal account that is linked to your NC State gmail account (YouTube is an available application under your NC State Google account) or for consideration for the  NC State YouTube channel. To submit a video to the NCSU youtube channel, follow the instructions that they have on their website.

If you post a video to your personal channel or the NC State channel, please send a message to CNR Communications so that they are aware of your video and can favorite it on the  College of Natural Resources YouTube channel.

ADA Compliance and Transcriptions

Any video with spoken words is required to have a transcript that is uploaded for ADA compliance.  This is a federally mandated regulation with which we must comply.

Some companies that provide this service and that are often used include 3Play Media  and Automatic Sync. NC State has established a convenience contract for transcript and caption creation.  You can view the pricing and reference number by logging in with your Unity ID and viewing this Transcript and Captioning Providers page.    We recommend reviewing this page so that you can estimate the cost of transcription services.

If you are submitting your video to the NCSU YouTube channel, you will submit the transcript through this form. Refer to the OIT accessibility closed captioning guide for more information.

Video Production Services


WolfBytes, a division of NC State OIT  offers a range of affordable video filming, production and editing services for the NC State campus community. Staff include members professionally certified in Apple Final Cut and Apple Motion.  You can review their services, formats, service cost and captioning information on the Wolfbytes page.

DELTA Video Production

DELTA’s video production team is available to help in all aspects of video production including but not limited to consultation and training, frequently produced videos, editing and video production technologies.  You can review their services, rates, and setup a consultation with them through their Video Production page.