CGA High Performance Computing Request Form

This form is intended to serve as the starting point for requesting use of the CGA High Performance Computing (CGA-HPC) resource. The CGA-HPC is intended to support the educational, research and outreach mission of the Center and is available to all affiliated faculty students and staff.

Please be aware of the following important caveats:

  • This resource is limited and requested resources will be provisioned following an approval process.
  • Requests may be denied if other, more appropriate, resources are available on campus.
  • ┬áData stored within the CGA-HPC system are not backed-up, please plan accordingly.
  • Use of the CGA-HPC will require specialized technological expertise on the part of the requesting party.


  • Please give a short description of the project and how the CGA-HPC will be utilized.

  • Each project must have at least one designated technical contact. The technical contact will either follow the recorded user documentation (still to be created) to generate future instances -or- arrange for training from the IT staff. Training should be formally requested by submitting an email to Upon completion of training, the technical contact will be responsible for training other project members or creating requested instances for the project.

  • Please provide their Unity ID email. (ex:

  • Total for project - Anticipate Data from Input to Output
  • Required RAM for your computation (size in MB.)
  • Sticker affixed to top of CPU/box
  • Please briefly outline why a lab personal computer (your own or a standalone) is not ideal for this project.
  • Please briefly outline why the VCL is not ideal for this project. More details at
  • Please briefly outline why the NCSU HPC is not ideal for this project. More details at