Research Office


Welcome to the College of Natural Resources Research Office. The College Research Administration team’s mission is to:

  • Promote the research and scholarship of our investigators
  • Foster an environment of integrity in research
  • Provide quality service to our investigators
  • Serve as a partner in cutting edge research and development  – from concept to commercialization

The college’s traditional areas of research strength — such as paper science and engineering, forest management and conservation, and parks, recreation and tourism management — are complemented by multidisciplinary approaches to solving our modern global challenges.


Learn About Our Faculty and Their Research

PRTM faculty, research associates, and graduate students are actively engaged in high impact scholarship leading to science-driven solutions to enhance the social, environmental, and economic well-being of communities. Our research findings are critical to and help inform major policy debates related to human health and well-being, especially issues related to physical activity, land use and landscape design, social justice, sustainable tourism practices and rural vitality, and climate change.

Forest Biomaterial (FB) creates fundamental science and applied engineering solutions creating new knowledge and results that benefit partners interested the biomaterials, bioenergy, pulp and paper industry, wood products and allied industries. FB is also dedicated to developing futuristic products and new processes that derive sustainable value from nature in an environmentally responsible way.

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources (FER) is recognized worldwide for our cutting-edge research. Our efforts not only lead to new breakthroughs in industry practices, they serve as a valuable training ground for students interested in working on the frontline of their chosen fields. Our innovative ideas and projects lead to sustainable real-world solutions and solidify us as the go-to place to solve natural resources challenges.



The works of the Center for Geospatial Analytics (CGA) serves a common purpose: advancing innovative solutions to grand societal challenges. Many of our tools and applications are open-source, free and adaptable for others to use. Through our research, we support a wide range of real-world stakeholders facing complex problems, such as tracking the movement of endangered species or minimizing the flood danger posed by future hurricanes.

The Center for Industrial Research Programs in Forestry works with industrial and agency partners to conduct relevant research using a cooperative model. All of the programs within this umbrella center place a heavy emphasis on meaningful research results, technology transfer and graduate student training.



When we all work together, we create a bigger impact on the world around us. The College of Natural Resources regularly teams up with community and business leaders, policymakers, educators, students and members of the general public to ensure that our research is making a difference to both the public and private sectors. Through cooperatives, consortia, centers and institutions, we collaborate to create solutions to real-world issues.


Faculty Governance of Research Administration

The College of Natural Resources maintains a research committee consisting of six faculty on two-year appointments. This committee serves as an adviser to the Associate Dean for Research on matters related to research and administration. In addition, two members of the college research committee serve on the university research committee.  Current members are listed below and previous members are listed here.

  • July 1st, 2019 – June 30th, 2021

    Research Committee Members

Robert Scheller – Forestry and Environmental Resources
Jennifer Costanza – Forestry and Environmental Resources
Jordan Kern – Forestry and Environmental Resources
Lucian Lucia – Forest Biomaterials
Nathalie Lavoine – Forest Biomaterials
Michael Edwards – Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Whitney Knollenberg – Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Additional members include our University Research Committee and Research Leadership Academy members:

University Research Committee:
Aaron Hipp – Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Ronalds Gonzalez – Forest Biomaterials

Research Leadership Academy:
Tom Gower – Forestry and Environmental Resources
Erin Sills – Forestry and Environmental Resources

Rory Loycano represents the College Research Office.


News and Announcements

Find out about our recent research announcements and awards and college research news