The goal of the College Research Office is to help faculty obtain sponsored funds that will support high-quality research and the dissemination of promising results and practices to our many constituencies.

  • Identify funding opportunities
  • Review of RFPs 
  • Management of Proposal Schedule and Deadlines.
  • Assist with budget development (provide salary benefits, health insurance, tuition, consulting standards, travel costs, etc.)
  • Assist with the budget justification
  • Provide guidance on compliance with state and federal financial regulations
  • Prepare sponsor and university proposal forms
  • Collect and format CVs
  • Coordinate with partner organizations
  • Format proposal as needed
  • Obtain letters of support/commitment for NC State and partner organizations
  • Submit proposals via the appropriate electronic mechanism


Before the Submission

In order to ensure timely and compliant submissions, the College of Natural Resources Office of Research Administration requires you meet the following deadlines (proposal correspondence should include

  • 9 business days prior to due date: Notify the college your intent to submit a proposal and include the RFP, draft budget and budget justification, start and end date,and abstract.
  • 5 business days prior to the due date: Submission of draft proposal, final budget, and final budget justification.
  • 4 business days prior to the due date: Provide approval of cost-share and all cost-share memos.
  • 3 business days prior to the due date: All final and full proposal documents ready for submission.
  • MISSING DEADLINES: If you miss any of the listed deadlines, you will need approval from your Department Head and the Associate Dean for Research to move forward with your proposal.


To contact a member of the Pre-award team, please view our staff page here.