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All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to start with their business liaison(s) in their respective department or unit.  Please find your liaison below.

Dean’s Office Divisions
Rosemary Nguru

Forest Assets
Laxmi T. Parajuli

Center for Geospatial Analytics
Lois Utt

Parks Recreation and Tourism Management
Pamela Fredrick

Forest Biomaterials
Maggie Orr

BioResources Journal
Melissa Rabil

Forestry and Environmental Resources
Mary Hicks

Forestry Extension
Shelly English

Fisheries and Wildlife Program
Cynthia Burke

Tree Improvement Program
Victoria Batista Brooks

Robert McGee


Human Resources
Includes Classification and Compensation; Talent Acquisition and Employment; Benefits and Leave; Employee Relations and Performance Management

Finance & Purchasing
Includes Budgeting; Travel; PCards; MarketPlace; Small Purchases; Purchase Orders; Contracts and Agreements; Billing and Deposits; and Service Center Rates

Vehicles & Asset Management
Includes Vehicle Permits, Rentals and Insurance; Asset Verification, Surplus and Transfers

Systems Access
Includes access to roles in University Systems, such as SIS, REPORTER, HR, Finance, etc.