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Resources for Academic Advisors

Go, Plan, Succeed (GPS) System

  • Student Success GPS is a suite of advising tools combining advising services, real-time data, analytics, and reporting to help advisors identify students in need of support and provide early interventions. GPS contains an advising and tutoring platform, a student interface, and an analytics and institution reporting platform. It works with SIS/MyPACK. This allows campus partners to access advising information to help with students that may need additional help through the Counseling Center, University Tutorial Center, etc.

Inter-College Transfer Program

Professional Development Opportunities

Award Opportunities

Student Well-Being

  • NC State CARES: Service not only for urgent matters (violence, harassment, etc.) but also for other concerns, such as students who are disruptive or are having erratic behavior; if you are not sure if your situation is appropriate for this service, they prefer for you to submit rather than not!  The website has an excellent Faculty Resource section too.
  • Student Ombuds: “…is here to assist students of the NC State community to resolve problems related to their university working, learning or living experience.”
  • NC State Counseling Center: Hosts workshops and drop-in groups, and also individual counseling sessions.
  • NC State Self-Help resources via Counseling Center:

CNR Contacts for Questions

  • Director of Academic and Student Support Services  Yvonne Lee
    Yvonne is here to help answer questions you may have about college/university policies and procedures. If she doesn’t know she will figure out who to contact to find out. She is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions. 
  • Coordinator of Academic Affairs and Student Support  Raushanah McNeill
    Sherry works closely with program coordinators to process adviser assignments and degree audit revisions. She is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions.