Recruitment, Outreach, and Student Engagement

CNR Contacts for Questions

Executive Assistant for the Academic Affairs Office Patti Najarian
If you need information about anything related to student recruitment, engagement programming, and upcoming events for CNR, Patti can help you figure it out! She is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions.

Director of Recruitment and Student Engagement  Tremaine Brittian
Contact Tremaine if you have a question or comment around enrollments or undergraduate recruitment efforts within the college including strategy, marketing, programming, and events. Tremaine serves as our college liaison with Exploratory Studies and is our central point of contact for on-campus transfer students and advisors. She also coordinates undergraduate student engagement activities such as the Ambassador Program and the Ron Terry Enrichment Fund, as well as some professional development events for our entire CNR student body.

College Recruiter – Cameron Younts
Contact Cameron if you have questions on coordinating undergraduate recruitment communications for CNR, partnerships with youth-based organizations, hosting student groups on campus, and coordinating our prospective undergraduate student visitations. His primary role is to visit high schools and community colleges around the state and give presentations, attend college fairs, and represent the college.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Melissa Pasquinelli
The ADAA serves on the committee for Associate Deans of Academic Affairs, which covers topics that include recruitment and student engagement. She also serves on the university’s Educational Technology Committee, as well as on the advisory boards for the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program ( and oversight for High Performance Computing.


  • Faculty and Staff Outreach Form – Complete this quick form to share any recruitment and outreach events you are involved in. We can provide resources to assist!
  • Group Visit Request Form – Any group interested in visiting CNR should be directed to this form. Our recruitment team is happy to help coordinate the visit logistics and collaborate with any connection points you’d like to make with the group to help provide the best overall visit possible.
  • CNR Recruitment Prospective Student Form – Have you connected with a student interested in CNR? This form allows us to stay in touch with them and send invites to personal visits and events.
  • Prospective Student Visit Request – The recruitment team is happy to schedule personalized visits for any student interested in our college and has student interns who can coordinate the process. To prevent duplication and make sure we coordinate all involved parties, please have the student complete this form.
  • Personal Visit Request Form
  • Alumni and Friends of CNR Recruitment Interest Form

Recruitment and Student Engagement Event Calendar

Student Activities Organized By CNR

Undergraduate students

All students

  • Professional development events, like the Etiquette Dinner

Minors on Campus

  • NC State welcomes minors who come to the university for limited periods of time to visit the university and to participate in its educational, enrichment, and athletic programs and activities including visitation programs, research experiences, and workshops.  In order to protect these students, the University has created a policy that ensures their welfare while on our campus. Any faculty engaging with minors should first read the policy to ensure compliance.
  • Minors on Campus Policy