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Course and Curriculum Matters

Classrooms and Scheduling

  • The Academic Affairs office works closely with the program coordinators to schedule classes for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The class scheduling process is done at the beginning of the semester prior (ie. fall is done in the spring and spring/summer is done in the fall). Our office works closely with Registration & Records to assign classrooms for classes. Please work with your program coordinator if you have special requests.
  • If you need to book a classroom for an event outside of your normal class schedule, please use the CNR Classroom Reservation Form:
  • The College of Natural Resources offers three types of environments with useful technology for teaching and learning purposes that include classroom, collaborative spaces, and computer labs. For more information, please visit the Classrooms and Collaborative Spaces resource page:

Course and Curriculum Changes and Approvals

  • For undergraduate programs and courses along with tutorials on the Course Inventory Management (CIM) system, review this DASA training.

Undergraduate Level

*Note: For both UCCC and CUE, the deadline for submitting changes for review is typically two weeks before the scheduled meeting, except for the January meeting due to winter break. 

Graduate Level

*Note: The deadline for submitting changes for ABGS review is typically one month before the scheduled meeting.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The detailed Academic Calendar is available on the Student Services Center website at Other important dates are given below.

  • February 28: Program assessments are due in APA
  • Census Date: When official enrollment information is collected, which can impact both financial aid and graduate student support plan.

Program Assessments


Annual Program Assessment


Schedule for External Program Review

Fall 2019(none)


University has 5-year interim SACSCOC review



University has 5-year interim SACSCOC review

Spring 2020Professional Golf Management (accreditation review; 5-year cycle)(none)
Fall 2020(none)(none)
Spring 2021(none)Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (CNR, CALS, COS, CVM)
Fall 2021(none)Forest Biomaterials


Natural Resources (CALS, CNR. COS, Design)

Spring 2022Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (accreditation review;
5-year cycle)
Fall 2022Paper Science and Engineering (accreditation review; 6-year cycle)(none)
Spring 2023(none)(none)
Fall 2023(none)(none)
Spring 2024Sport Management (PRTM
accreditation review scheduled at
another time)
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
Fall 2024(none)


University has SACSCOC review



University has SACSCOC review

Spring 2025Forest Management; Natural Resources (accreditation review; 10-year cycle)


Sustainable Materials and Technology (accreditation review; 10-year cycle)

Fall 2025Forestry and Environmental Resources (Environmental Technology & Management; Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; Environmental Sciences)Forestry
Spring 2026(none)Geospatial Analytics & Geospatial Information Science and Technology
Fall 2026(none)Environmental Assessment

Useful Links

CNR Contacts for Questions

Coordinator of Academic Affairs and Student Support
Connect with our resident expert in the scheduling of courses and classrooms.  You can also send questions related to course and curriculum matters.

Director of Academic and Student Support Services  Yvonne Lee
Yvonne is our resident expert in assisting CNR program coordinators to develop and process courses and curricula actions.  She serves as the liaison for the college when working with university committees (i.e., UCCC, CUE, ABGS).  She is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions.

Directors and Coordinators of Programs

Director of Information and Instructional Technology Josh Gira
If you have questions, comments, or concerns around classroom facilities and technologies, please contact Josh.  He is always happy to assist all faculty and staff with questions.  He also chairs the CNR Classroom and Instruction Advisory Team.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Melissa Pasquinelli
Contact the ADAA if you have questions regarding the program assessment process.  The ADAA serves on the following university committees: Associate Deans for Academic Affairs, Graduate Operations Council (GOC), and the Administrative Board of the Graduate School (ABGS).