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Brand: Connecting our actions and our message

The College of Natural Resources’ brand is the verbal and visual representation of our work. We examine. We think. But most importantly, we do. We don’t just identify global natural resource challenges, we provide clear, tangible solutions. The words, images and style we use should reflect our active, friendly and solution-oriented nature.

Brand Strategy  

As a closely held, high-profile entity within NC State, the College of Natural Resources’ brand is an extension of the university’s core brand. While our messaging platform and visual identity reflect the core brand of the overall institution, the college has its own unique brand personality and drivers. These key words reflect who we are and what sets us apart. To learn more about the NC State brand strategy visit

Visual Identity

The visual identity of our brand is conveyed through the use of consistent colors, fonts, photography and design elements. These are the key attributes of our brand that will be the most immediately identifiable for our audience. A consistent visual identity across not only the college, but the university ensures that our audience can easily distinguish trusted NC State materials. This section includes guidelines and acceptable practices for using:

  • College of Natural Resources Logos
  • Department Names
  • Typography and Fonts
  • Color
  • Imagery
  • Design Conventions

Voice, Tone and Content

Content is the most important part of any communication piece. When communicating our brand, consistent voice, tone and style are essential to ensuring the overall quality of the message. Consistent use of language not only improves quality, it creates trust with our audiences and gives readers confidence that we are a reliable, high-quality institution.

When creating content or a message, incorporate the words and phrases in our Brand Personality and Drivers. It is not necessary to use only these words or phrases, but consider how you could communicate the meaning behind these descriptors.

Key style guideline to remember: Write out the College of Natural Resources; do not use CNR when communicating to external audiences. You may use the college on second reference.

Downloadable Assets

Once you’ve read and understand the university’s brand objectives, guidelines and rules, you’re ready to implement. To help faculty and staff produce effective on-brand communications, various tools and templates have been produced. These assets should be used for all official university communications. They should not be used to promote private businesses or for individual purposes. Available assets include:

  • College of Natural Resources Logos
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Powerpoint Template