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Biltmore Plotter Service Instructions

File Information

Please review this information before submitting it.

  • Size: The ONLY dimensions we print are 36”x48” or 36”x54” on 28lb Bond paper.
  • File and Backgrounds: Do not use any background for the entire poster, as it uses too much ink and will saturate or warp the paper. Colored fonts, graphs, or text boxes are fine.
  • Time for Delivery: Please allow up to 4 hours during the business day. Requests received after 2PM will be printed the next business day
  • Review and Approval: All posters are subject to review and approval prior to printing.

Submission Directions

  1. Email the file to
  2. We will print the file. Please allow up to 4 hours during the business day for printing completion.
  3. You will be notified via email when completed, including the location for pick-up.

Reprint Policy

  • Please review your document! It is up to you to ensure that the submitted document is exactly as intended.
  • Low-resolution images, omissions, and misspellings will not guarantee reprints.
  • Reprints will be granted on a case-by-case basis.