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HDM Courses and Electives

Graduates with a minor in human dimensions are able to use social science to solve natural resource management issues, build partnerships, and communicate research with the public. Students complete a total of 9 credit hours and PhD students complete a total of 12 credits in selected courses to receive the minor. Six credit hours are earned in required courses, with three or six additional credits earned from choosing among a wide range of electives. To obtain a graduate minor in HD, a student must earn a grade of B or higher in each of the required courses and suggested electives listed below.

Human Dimensions Minor Required Courses:

PRT 550-Human Behavior and the Environment
FW 511-Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries 

Human Dimensions Minor Suggested Electives:

PRTM Graduate Programs
PRT 555-Environmental Impacts of Recreation and Tourism
PRT 560-Theory and Practice of Partnerships for Conservation and Community Sustainability
PRT 700-Advanced Theories of Leisure
PRT 701-Research Methods in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
PRT 705-Qualitative Research Methods in Conservation and Community Sustainability

FWCB and FER Graduate Programs 
FW 730-Ethics in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

NR Graduate Programs 
NR 500-Natural Resource Management
NR 571-Current Issues in Natural Resources

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) Graduate Programs 
ANT 516-Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANT 550-Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living
ANT 575-Environmental Archaeology
HI 540-American Environmental History
HI 587-Cultural Resource Management
PA 507-Public Policy Process
PA 515-Research Methods and Analysis
PA 526-Social Equity in the Public Sector
PA 527-Cultural Competence in the Public Sector
PA 552-Science and Tech Policy
PA 550-Environmental Policy
SOC 763-Environmental Sociology

Public Science Graduate Programs 
EMS 594/794-Learning in Informal Contexts

College of Design Graduate Programs 
LA 542-Human Use of the Urban Landscape