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The Human Dimension Graduate Minor will be available to students completing a doctoral degree (e.g., PhD, EdD). It will also be available to students completing a thesis or non-thesis master’s degree, with an exception of “Option B” master’s degrees (, which is not eligible for a graduate minor.The minor provides students the opportunity to develop a recognized academic credential in conjunction with their major field of graduate study. Admissions to these minors requires a) filling the HD Minor Application to be approved by PRTM b) DGP adding an approved graduate HD minor faculty member to your graduate committee, and c) indicating the appropriate minor on your official plan of work. Students may email the Graduate Program Associate, Ms. Anju Singh for a current list of approved HD Minor faculty.

HD Graduate Minor will provide one with skills of using social science to solve natural resource management issues, build partnerships, and communicate research with the public. MS Students complete a total of 9 credit hours and PhD students complete a total of 12 credits in selected courses to receive the minor. Six credit hours are earned in required courses, with three or six additional credits earned from choosing among a wide range of electives. To obtain a graduate minor in HD, a student must earn a grade of B or higher in each of the required courses listed below.


List of Required Courses:

PRT 550-Human Behavior and the Environment
FW 511-Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries


List of Elective Courses:

PRTM Graduate Programs

PRT 555-Environmental Impacts of Recreation and Tourism
PRT 560-Theory and Practice of Partnerships for Conservation and Community Sustainability
PRT 700-Advanced Theories of Leisure
PRT 701-Research Methods in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
PRT 705-Qualitative Research Methods in Conservation and Community Sustainability

FWCB and FER Graduate Programs 

FW 730-Ethics in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

NR Graduate Programs 

NR 500-Natural Resource Management
NR 571-Current Issues in Natural Resources

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) Graduate Programs 

ANT 516-Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANT 550-Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living
ANT 575-Environmental Archaeology
HI 540-American Environmental History
HI 587-Cultural Resource ManagementPA 507-Public Policy Process
PA 515-Research Methods and Analysis
PA 526-Social Equity in the Public Sector
PA 527-Cultural Competence in the Public Sector
PA 552-Science and Tech Policy
PA 550-Environmental Policy
SOC 763-Environmental Sociology

Public Science Graduate Programs 

EMS 594/794-Learning in Informal Contexts

College of Design Graduate Programs 

LA 542-Human Use of the Urban Landscape