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The mission of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at NC State University is to advance scholarship concerning management and use of natural and cultural resources for recreation, tourism, and sport through innovative social science research, PRTM Missionteaching, and public engagement.

We aspire to be a community of scholars dedicated to preparing students to be lifelong learners and leaders in a global society committed to developing parks, recreation, tourism, and sport resources that improve the quality of life and are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

We accomplish our mission through innovative and creative teaching, collaborative research, and focused outreach with our partners to create a future that includes:

  • Diverse professional workforce with ability to adapt and meet changing societal needs;
  • Active and healthy lives for children and adults;
  • Healthy ecosystems for sustained ecoservices and human health;
  • A stronger local, state, and national economy;
  • A vibrant Department engaged in meeting the strategic goals of NC State University

Our vision acknowledges our leadership position in the state as the leading institution and in the top five leading institutions nationwide for instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels, research, and service to and engagement with the public.

Department Values

We value:

  • Academic Excellence – in all its forms: the scholarship of discovery, teaching, and engagement;
  • Respect – for one another, our students, colleagues, and others and for the different roles they play in their contributions to our Mission;
  • Collegiality and Commitment – to one another in achieving shared goals and to our undergraduate and graduate students in supporting their learning, professional goals, and scholarly aspirations;
  • Intellectual Diversity – to research and scholarship;
  • Stewardship – of the resources provided to us to achieve our Vision;
  • Professional Dedication – to improving the quality of life in our state, nation, and world;
  • Professional Relationships – to maintain and strengthen our relationships with our students, university colleagues, professional partners, and concerned citizens in all of our communities.
  • Integrity – in all its forms: truthful, ethical, and lawful as we work to realize our Mission;
  • Transparency – in carrying out our professional responsibilities with one another, our students, colleagues, partners, collaborators and others;
  • Accountability – in our decisions and actions with one another, our students, colleagues, partners, collaborators and others.