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Curling USA Team Members on the Ice

Sep 13, 2022

USA Curling Partners with NC State to Conduct National Survey

The sport of curling has experienced unprecedented growth over the past several years, and with this growth, it is important to understand who is partaking in the sport, how often… 

Person holding a plant

Aug 5, 2022

A Tree Planter’s Guide to Environmental Justice

In a recent paper, researchers from NC State described a series of environmental justice strategies to guide tree planting, greening or park planning efforts

Tiger sharks

Jul 21, 2022

How ‘Shark Week’ Could Inspire Love For Ocean Predators

Findings from a new study indicate positive YouTube videos could be a useful tool for shark conservation. 

Students in front of Biltmore Hall - Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism Management at NC State

Jun 14, 2022

New Summer Visitation Hours

Parents and students interested in our degree programs can learn more by visiting during our Summer visitation hours by emailing a week in advance. The new hours are.. 

Jun 13, 2022

Study: People Are Most Physically Active When Their Environments are Both Highly Walkable and Very Green

New research used wearable sensors and satellite data to identify how a person’s environment affects their level of daily exercise. 

Scratchboard illustration of increasing airline prices

Jun 9, 2022

How Inflation is Impacting North Carolina’s Tourism Industry

With only half of Americans comfortable with air travel due to the pandemic, North Carolina has an opportunity to capitalize on the heightened travel demand. 

May 20, 2022

Olivia Vilá is Creating Equitable, Resilient Communities

As a Knauss Fellow, Vilá is working to incorporate environmental justice in federal community resilience projects. 

Voter map of the 2020 election - COVID-19 Deepened the Political Divide on Conservation, Study Finds - College of Natural Resources News - NC State University

May 17, 2022

COVID-19 Deepened the Political Divide on Conservation, Study Finds

American voters are growing further apart in their attitudes and opinions surrounding conservation, thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lake Raleigh, blue sky and clouds reflecting on lake, boat ramp on left, tree overhanging lake

Apr 20, 2022

How Parks and Green Spaces Can Improve Your Health

NC State associate professors Lincoln Larson and Aaron Hipp discuss the role of parks and green spaces in promoting physical and mental well-being. 

Penguins in Antarctica

Apr 12, 2022

Some See Antarctica as ‘Last Chance’ Destination; for Others, It’s a Backdrop

Travel to nature-based destinations to socialize is a growing trend in tourism, and it was a significant pre-pandemic motivator for travel to Antarctica.