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Sport managementSport Management is a business management-focused curriculum. Graduating students receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management. Sport Management has 30 hours of free electives that allows students opportunities to pursue minors in areas such as business management, journalism, accounting, sport science, coaching education, nonprofit studies, psychology and sociology.

Students learn from faculty who are experts in various areas of sport management and are committed to quality teaching, research and service. Hands-on experience through a three-month internship opens career doors and provides opportunities for domestic and international travel and study.


Global Benefits

  • Socio-cultural understanding
  • Ethical responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Economic development

Sport Management Student Profile

  • Business Savvy
  • Passionate about sports
  • Enjoys working with people
  • Proven problem solver
  • Likes to organize events and activities
  • Demonstrates good time management skills
  • Interested in sales and marketing
  • Displays ability to multi-task
  • Desires a non-traditional work schedule
  • Committed to ethical and legal practices

Examples of  Career Titles

  • General or Assistant Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Program Planner
  • Fan Development Coordinator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Fitness Center Director
  • Facilities Operations Coordinator
  • Sports Information Assistant
  • Consultant
  • Media Relations Assistant

Sample Classes

  • Sport Marketing
  • Sport Law
  • Sport Finance
  • Sport Programming
  • Sport Administration

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