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WINDOWS XP END OF LIFE:  Effective 04/08/14, Microsoft will declare the “end of life” for Windows XP. Security patches will no longer be released. OIT will accordingly block all Windows XP machines from the campus network.  CNR IT has worked extremely hard to upgrade all CNR WinXP machines to Windows 7.  That makes this a non-issue.

* How am I affected? Potentially not at all. You’ll still be able to (a) work offline with your WinXP machine; you’ll still be able to (b) use the NCSU guest wireless network; and you’ll still be able to (c) connect remotely to your Windows 7 campus machine in your office.  — However, no longer will you be able to simply plug in to use an XP machine on campus. Researchers who have remaining questions about instrumentation should contact us.

VIRUS PROTECTION: “Trend Micro” is the virus protection software that you run at CNR (and at home, hopefully). The campus license will expire on 06/29/14. — Campus has instead invested in Kaspersky as the campus antivirus (A/V) solution. For details, review the Campus IT Antivirus page.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, contact us at CNR IT, we’d be happy to work with you to ensure a smooth transition.