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Online Directory Information


Each faculty and staff person at NC State has a  directory listing in the NC State University campus directory. The College of Natural Resources online directory uses this contact information, which syncs to our site. In addition, faculty and staff can prepare information for a bio, research area, cv, or publications to display on the site.

To Change and Update Your Contact Information

  1. To view and update your Campus Directory listing log in to the MyPack Portal
  2. Navigate to the Employee Self-Service page.
  3. Select the Personal Details tile.
  4. Select Campus Directory Listing
  5. Make appropriate changes to each item and then preview your listing for accuracy.  Once the preview is presenting your information as desired you can expect this info to be live
    • Preferred Name
    • Directory Job Title – This will be the default title from your job classification in the HR system if left blank.
    • Work Location / Address
    • Phone
    • Email
  1. Save your information. Changes will take effect online within 24 hours.

For more information review the See View and change your information in the Campus Directory.

System Errors?

  • If you are using Chrome and get an error while trying to access the Personal Details area, logout of MyPack Portal, clear your browser cache, and then log back in.
  • You can also use Firefox, and try to login.

Publication Information

The listing of publications that appears on each faculty directory page is generated and updated dynamically from the NCSU Library Scholarly Publications Repository.  You can sign up with this by using an online form or sending an email on the Repository About page.  You will receive a publication ID, and this ID can be used to display your publications once you are setup. For any issues related to your publications listing, contact the Libraries at

Updating your Bio, CV or Publications

Contact your department/affiliation editor for updates.


NameCoach is a name pronunciation tool and is a featured integration within the directory. A person’s name is central to their identity, and pronouncing their name correctly is instrumental in showing respect to them along with knowing them better.

NameCoach aids in bridging the gap between those who may come from different communities, and may be unfamiliar with the pronunciation of each other’s name, by allowing users to share a URL that links to an audio recording of how their name is pronounced.

Our integration with NameCoach now makes it even easier to share the correct pronunciation of one’s name by including a unique field that lets you share your NameCoach, NameBadge URL directly in your directoryprofile. When this field is populated, a speaker icon is displayed next your name and when clicks open a new window/tab featuring your NameBadge.

Process to Add NameCoach to Your Directory Listing:

  1. Review this information about how to creating a NameCoach account.
  2. When done, send the url of your NameCoach to and we will add to your profile.