The NC State Natural Resources Foundation, Inc. supports the success of the college through management and stewardship of assets. Members and directors are committed to the future of the college and the future of natural resources industries. 

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Investing in the Future

Our foundation oversees more than $150 million in assets and supports the College of Natural Resources through scholarships, fellowships, professorships, academic programs, research, facility and lab improvements and various student programs not typically supported through state appropriations.

Our passionate and dedicated board directors and members support students and faculty who become leaders in natural resources solutions. Their ambition to make the world a better, more efficient, more sustainable place drives the college to set big, bold goals — and to meet them.

About the Foundation

Established in 1929, the NC State Natural Resources Foundation, Inc. (NCSNRF) was originally called the NC Forestry Foundation, Inc. and is the oldest foundation at NC State University. The Foundation is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors, which oversees more than $150 million in assets. The foundation strives to meet all the needs of the college, particularly external support, including: scholarships, fellowships and professorships; operating funds for programs; advisory and advocacy groups for academic and research programs; fund raising capability; management of land holdings; and stewardship of donor gifts and funding support for Natural Resources Advancement.

Bylaws and Financials

The NC State Natural Resources Foundation’s bylaws, endowment spending policy, W9, annual audits, tax returns and other legal documents are available for review on the Foundation Accounting and Investments website.

Board Meeting Dates