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College of Natural Resources

Carla Barbieri

Associate Professor

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 3028D



Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan.  Ph.D.

  • Parks, Recreation & Tourism Resources

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Lima Peru.  M.S.

  • Conservation of Forestry Resources

Universidad de Lima, Lima, Peru. Bachelors & Professional Degree

  • Law & Political Sciences

Current Research Interests

  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Agritourism and Rural Tourism
  • Niche Tourism

Selected Conferences & Presentations

Gil Arroyo, C., Sotomayor, S., & Barbieri, C. (2016). Gastronomy in experiential tourism: Redefining authenticity based on demand. Oral presentation at the Southeast, Central & South American Federation, International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE), Auburn (AL); February 25-26.

Barbieri, C., & Xu, S. (2015). Residents’ perceptions of the contributions of local wineries. Poster presentation at the 46th Annual International Conference of Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Portland (OR); June 15-17.

Seekamp, E., & Barbieri, C. (2015). Can coastal tourism preserve cultural heritage? A qualitative inquiry of artisanal fishermen and the Caballito de Totora in Huanchaco, Peru. Oral presentation at the International Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism. Kailua-Kona (HI); November 10-13.

Xu, S. & Barbieri, C.  (2014). Wine tourism social capital: Perceptions from residents along wine trails in North Carolina. Oral presentation at the 45th Annual International Conference of Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Brugge, Belgium; June 18-20.

Barbieri, C. (2014). An activity-based classification of agritourists. Oral presentation at the 45th Annual International Conference of Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Brugge (Belgium); June 18-20.

Barbieri, C. & Seekamp, E. (2014). Artisanal Oystering and tourism development in coastal North Carolina… Who sustains what? Oral presentation at the 45th Annual International Conference of Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Brugge (Belgium); June 18-20.

Valdivia, C. and Barbieri, C. (2012). Adapting to Climate Change in the Andean Altiplano: Opportunities for Sustainable Experiential Agritourism. Oral presentation at the International Conference on Tourism, Climate Change and Sustainability Conference. Bournemouth University, London, England; September 13-14.

Gil Arroyo, C.; Xu, S.; Barbieri, C. and Rozier Rich, S. (2012,). A Comparison of Agritourism Understanding among Consumers, Providers and Extension Agents. Oral presentation at the 43rd Annual International Conference of Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Virginia Beach (VA); June 17-19.

Barbieri, C.Gao, J. and Valdivia, C. (2012,). Socio-demographic Attributes Associated with Agritourism Landscape Preferences. Oral presentation at the 43rd Annual International Conference of Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Virginia Beach (VA); June 17-19.

Selected Projects/Grants Funding


Sotomayor, S., Gil Arroyo, C., & Barbieri, C. (2015–2016). Medición de criterios de sostenibilidad en emprendimientos de turismo rural comunitario en Cusco y Puno (Perú). Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, $8,650.

Barbieri, C., Jakes, S., Morais, D., & Zering, K. (2015–2017). Women in agritourism: Identifying their entrepreneurial needs and challenges, and enhancing sustainable success. CNR-CALS Cross College Enrichment Grants, NC State, $128,069.

Reberg-Horton, C., Balkcom, Barbieri, C., et al.  (2015–2017). Institutionalizing cover crop research and education in the Southeast. Southern Region SARE Professional Development Program, $129,712.

Morais, D., Barbieri, C., & LaPan, C. (2015). Bicycle Tourism Marketing Research. Piedmont Triad Regional Council (Prime: NC Department of Transportation), $22,900.

Smith, J., Morais, D., Barbieri, C., & Seekamp, E. (2013–2014). Contingent valuation of multi-functional agricultural landscapes using virtually simulated environments and online marketplaces. NC State Research Innovation Seed Funding Program, $4,000.

Seekamp, E., Barbieri, C., Moore, R., Floyd, M., & Vick, C. (2013). Economic contributions of tourists to selected North Carolina State Parks. NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Recreation, $91,760.

Barbieri, C. & Seekamp, E. (2013). The role of artisanal oysterers in heritage preservation and tourism development: Their perceived risks and opportunities. NC State Research Innovation Seed Funding Program, $3,977.

Seekamp, E., Barbieri, C., & Morais, D. (2012–2013). NC State Tourism Extension program needs assessment. NC State Cooperative Extension, $6,000.


2015 “Spark Award” for most stimulating paper published in 2014.  Tourism Tribune for the manuscript:  “Tourism and recreation research along the natural rural-urban gradient:  Global trends and implications for China”.

2013 Best Illustrated Paper Award.  Travel and Tourism Research Association – 44th Annual International Conference.

2012 Top-10 Most-Cited Articles 2009-2011. Elsevier – Journal of Rural Studies for the manuscript: “Why is diversification an attractive farm adjustment strategy? Insights from Texas”.

2012 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award. University of Missouri Graduate School and the Graduate School Association, University of Missouri.

2012 Global Scholar. Council of International Initiatives, University of Missouri.

2012 Mizzou Alumni Association Recognition. University of Missouri Alumni Association, University of Missouri.

2010 Outstanding Early Career Teaching Award. College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, University of Missouri.

2008 New Faculty Teaching Scholar. University of Missouri (NFTS 2008-2009).


Kline, C., Barbieri, C., & LaPan, C. (2016). The influence of agritourism on niche meats loyalty and purchasing. Journal of Travel Research, 55(5), 643-658.

Xu, S., Barbieri, C., Leung, Y-F., Anderson, D., & Rich, S. R. (2016). Residents’ perceptions of wine tourism development. Tourism Management, 55, 276-286.

Xu, S., Leung, Y-F., & Barbieri, C. (2016). Characterizing themed touring routes – A geospatial and tourism evaluation of wine trails. Tourism Planning & Development, 13(2), 168-184.

Leung, Y-F., Barbieri, C., & Floyd, M.F. (2014). Tourism and recreation research along the natural-rural-urban gradient: Global trends and implications for China. Tourism Tribune, 29(6), 3-6.

Valdivia, C., & Barbieri, C. (2014). Agritourism as a sustainable adaptation strategy to climate change in the Andean Altiplano. Tourism Management Perspectives, 11, 18-25.

Barbieri, C. (2013). Assessing the sustainability of agritourism in the US: A comparison between agritourism and other farm entrepreneurial ventures. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 21(2), 252-270.

Holderieath, J., Valdivia, C., Godsey, L., & Barbieri, C. (2012). The potential for carbon offset trading to provide added incentive to adopt silvopasture and alley cropping in Missouri. Agroforestry Systems, 86(3), 345-353.

Valdivia, C., Barbieri, C. & Gold, M. (2012; Invited). Between forestry and farming: Policy and environmental implications of the barriers to agroforestry adoption. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 60(2), 155-175.

Xu, S., Barbieri, C., Wilhelm Stanis, S., & Market, P. (2012). Sensation seeking behind recreational storm chasers. International Journal of Tourism Research, 14(3), 269-284.

Barbieri, C., Santos, C., & Katsube, Y. (2012). Volunteer tourism in Rwanda: Insights from participant observation. Tourism Management, 33(3), 509-516.

Tew, C., & Barbieri, C. (2012). The perceived benefits of agritourism: The provider’s perspective. Tourism Management, 33(1), 215-224.

Barbieri, C., & Aguilar F. (2011). The Ius In Re model to analyze users’ rights within complex property regimes: Two ex post applications in South America. Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal, 24(3), 292-302.

Barbieri, C. (2010). An Importance-Performance Analysis of the motivations behind agritourism and other farm enterprise developments in Canada. Rural Tourism and Recreation in Canada – a Special Issue of the Journal of Rural and Community Development, 5(1-2), 1-20.

Barbieri, C., & Valdivia, C. (2010). Recreation and agroforestry: Examining new dimensions of multifunctionality in family farms. Journal of Rural Studies, 26(4), 465-473.

Barbieri, C., & Mahoney, E. (2010). Cultural tourism behavior and preferences among the live-performing arts audience: An application of the Univorous-Omnivorous framework. International Journal of Tourism Research, 12(5), 481-496.

Barbieri, C., & Valdivia, C. (2010; Invited). Recreational multifunctionality and its implications for agroforestry diffusion. Agroforestry Systems, 79(1), 5-18.

Aguilar, F.X., Cernusca, M., Gold, M., & Barbieri, C. (2010). Frequency of consumption, familiarity and preferences for chestnuts in Missouri. Agroforestry Systems, 79(1), 19-29.

Barbieri, C., & Mahoney, E. (2009). Why is diversification an attractive farm adjustment strategy? Insights from Texas farmers and ranchers. Journal of Rural Studies, 25(1), 58-66.

Barbieri, C., & Mshenga, P. (2008). The role of firm and owner characteristics on the performance of agritourism farms. Sociologia Ruralis, 48(2), 166-183.

Barbieri, C., Mahoney, E., & Butler, L. (2008). Understanding the nature and extent of farm and ranch diversification in North America. Rural Sociology, 73(2), 205-229.

Barbieri, C., Mahoney, E., & Palmer, R. (2008). RV and camping shows: A motivation-based market segmentation. Event Management, 12(2), 53-66.


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