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Corey Johnson

Karla A. Henderson Distinguished Professor

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) NA

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Corey Johnson is our new Karla A. Henderson Distinguished Professor, the first funded distinguished professorship in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at NC State’s College of Natural Resources. Johnson comes to NC State from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, where he is a professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. He teaches courses on inclusive social justice, recreation, gender and sexuality, qualitative research methods, and the philosophy of science.


  • Ph.D., Recreation and Leisure Studies, The University of Georgia (2002)
  • Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods, The University of Georgia (2002)
  • Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies,The University of Georgia (2000)
  • M. S., Recreation Administration University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1998)
  • B. S., Education Bowling Green State University (1995)

Current Research Focus

Johnson’s inquiry focuses on power relations between dominant (white, male, etc.) and non-dominant populations in the cultural contexts of leisure. A qualitative research methodologist, Johnson has co-authored seminal texts such as Fostering Social Justice for Qualitative Inquiry: A Methodological Guide, Promiscuous Perspectives: Sex and Leisure and Contemporary Issues in Leisure. His current funded projects focus on technologically mediated social relations, including decreasing gender-based violence on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Filice, E., Johnson, C.W., Parry, D.C., & Oakes, H. (2022). Shades of digital deception: Self-presentation among men seeking men on location-based real-time dating appsConvergence [epub ahead of print].

Bryan S. R. Grimwood & Corey W. Johnson (2021) Collective memory work as an unsettling methodology in tourism, Tourism Geographies, 23:1-2, 11-32, *Davis, C., Johnson, C.W., *Flannigan, A., Silk, W. (2021). Creating trans affirming health practices locally. Canadian Journal of Sexuality. DOI: 10.3138/cjhs.2021-0013

Rose, J., & Johnson, C.W. (2017). Homelessness, Masculinity and Health: Toward a feminist political ecology of masculinities. Gender, Place and Culture.

Berbary, L.A. & Johnson, C.W. (2016): En/Activist Drag: Kings Reflect on Queerness, Queens, and Questionable Masculinities, Leisure Sciences, DOI:10.1080/01490400.2016.1194791

Mowatt, R. A., Johnson, C. W., Roberts, N. S., & Kivel, B. D. (2016). “Embarrassingly White”: Faculty racial disparities in American recreation, park & tourism programs. Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies & Recreation Education. 31(1), 37-55.

Johnson, C. W. (2014).  All you need is love: Considerations for social justice leisure research.  Leisure Sciences. 36(8), 388-399.

Johnson, C. W., Singh, A. A., & Gonzalez, M. (2014).  “It’s complicated”: Collective memories of LGBTQQ youth.  Journal of Homosexuality. 61(3), 419-434. (60%)

Knowledge Mobilization

Johnson, C.W. (2022). Gender, Sexuality, Digitality and Qualitative Research (Video)

Parry, D.C. & Johnson, C.W. (2022). What are Geo-Social Networking applications? (Digital Short)

Parry, D.C. & Johnson, C.W. (2022). Authenticity vs. Desirability: Gay and bisexual men’s self presentation on dating apps (Digital Short)

Published Books

Johnson, C. W., & Parry, D. (2022). Fostering Social Justice through Qualitative Inquiry. 2nd ed. Los Angeles: Routledge.

Lashua, B., Johnson, C.W. & Parry, D.C. (2022). Leisure in the time of Covid-19: A Rapid Response. United Kingdom: Taylor Francis.

Johnson, C.W. & Parry, D.C. (2020). Promiscuous Perspectives: Explorations of Sex and Leisure. Los Angeles: Routledge.

Parry, D., Johnson, C.W. & Fullagar, S. (2018). Digital Dilemmas: Transforming Gender and Sexual Identity in Everyday Life. Basingstoke: Palgrave Press.


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