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Michael Edwards

Associate Professor

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 4012C

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North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina.  Ph.D.  2009

  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.  M.A.  2006

  • Exercise and Sport Science (Sport Management)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  B.A. 1996

  • History 

Current Research Interests

Dr. Edwards’ research is guided by an idea that developing and managing socially responsible sport and recreational facilities, programs, services, and events will encourage more active lifestyles, reduce health disparities, and provide the tools for sustainable community development. His primary research focuses on social inequality in access to physical activity and sport environments and sport’s impact on community health. Dr. Edwards is also interested in management processes and policies that can be leveraged to build sustainable community capacity for health development through sport and recreation, particularly in rural areas. Many of the problems he studies are situated at the organizational and community level and are directly related to management practices and policy development. Dr. Edwards’ expertise on quantitative methods, and multilevel modeling in particular, has been an important contribution to many of the research projects in which he has participated.

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Publications

Edwards, M. B., & Rowe, K. (2019). Managing sport for health: An introduction to the special issue. Sport Management Review22(1), 1-4.

McGillivray, D., Edwards, M. B., Brittain, I., Bocarro, J., & Koenigstorfer, J. (2019). A conceptual model and research agenda for bidding, planning and delivering Major sport events that lever human rights. Leisure Studies, 38(2), 175-190.

Brittain, I., Bocarro, J., & Edwards, M. B. (2018). The impact of sport and physical activity as a rehabilitation tool upon Invictus Games Competitors. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 15(10), S48-49.

Jones, G. J., Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., Bunds, K. S., & Smith, J. W. (2018). Leveraging community sport organizations to promote community capacity: Strategic outcomes, challenges, and theoretical considerations.Sport Management Review, 21(3), 279-292

Hardison-Moody, A., Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., Stein, A., Kanters, M. A., Sherman, D. M., … & Bowen, S. K. (2017). Peer Reviewed: Shared Use of Physical Activity Facilities Among North Carolina Faith Communities, 2013. Preventing Chronic Disease14.

Umstattd Meyer, M. R., Moore, J. B., Abildso, C., Edwards, M.B., Gamble, A., & Baskin, M. L. (2016). Rural active living: A call to action. Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, 25(5), E11-E20.

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Edwards, M. B., Theriault, D. S., Shores, K. A., & Melton, K. M. (2014). Promoting youth physical activity in rural Southern communities: Practitioner perceptions of environmental opportunities and barriers. Journal of Rural Health, 30(4), 379-387.

Edwards, M. B., Duerden, M. D., Lizzo, R. D., Campbell, K. S., & Kamper, L. M. (2014). Youth time outside: A comparison of time use methodologies. Journal of Leisure Research, 46(5). 635-643.

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Matarrita-Cascante, D. Edwards, M.B., Outley, C. W., Clark, H. R. & Wu, Y. (2014). The role of community nurture in adolescent interest in college attendance. Journal of Adolescent Health, 54(2), S20.

Edwards, M. B., Kanters, M. A., Bocarro, J. N. (2014). Policy changes to implement intramurals in North Carolina middle schools: Simulated effects on sport participation rates and physical activity intensity. Preventing Chronic Disease, 11, DOI:

Edwards, M. B. & Cunningham, G. B. (2013). Examining the associations of perceived community racism with self-reported physical activity levels and health among older racial minority adults. Journal of Physical Activity and Health10, 932-939.

Jilcott Pitts, S. B., Edwards, M. B., Moore, J. B., Shores, K. A., DuBose, K. D., & McGranahan, D. A. (2013). Obesity is negatively associated with natural amenities and recreation facilities per capita.  Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 10, 1032-1038.

 Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N. & Kanters, M. A. (2013) Place disparities in supportive environments for extracurricular physical activity in North Carolina Middle Schools. Youth & Society, 45(2), 265-285.

Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M. A., & Casper, J.  (2011). Participation in interscholastic and intramural sport programs in middle schools: An exploratory investigation of race and gender.  Recreational Sport Journal, 35(2). 157-173.

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Edwards, M. B., Miller, J. L., & Blackburn, L.  (2011). After-school programs for health promotion in rural communities: Ashe County Middle School 4-H Afterschool program. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 17(3), 283-287.

Edwards, M. B., & Welty Peachey, J. (2010). Irreconcilable differences or vibrant habitat?  An examination of sport management’s perceived invasion of recreation’s nest. Sport Management Education Journal, 4(1), 19-30.

Edwards, M. B., Alderman, D. H., & Estes, S. G. (2010).  An appraisal of stock car racing’s economic and geographic development in North America: NASCAR as flexible accumulation. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 8(1-2), 160-179.

Selected Presentations

Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M. A., Edwards, M. B., Casper, J. (2013, February). Prioritizing school sponsored sport based on observed physical activity. Paper presented at 2013 Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Edwards, M. B., Melton, K. M., Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M. A., Casper, J. (2013, February). Perceived administrative barriers to providing intramural sports in North Carolina middle schools. Poster presented at Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Kanters, M.A., Bocarro, J. N., Filardo, M., Edwards, M. B., McKenzie, T., Floyd, M. F. (2013, February). Shared use of school facilities with community organizations and physical activity program participation: A cost-benefit assessment. Paper presented at Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Melton, K. M., & Edwards, M. B. (2012, October). Gender Examination of Parent-Child Leisure and Cohesion. Paper presented at 2012 NRPA Leisure Research Symposium, Anaheim, California.

Kanters, M. A., Bocarro, J. N., Edwards, M.B., Casper, J., & Floyd, M. F. (2012, March). School sport participation under two school sport policies: Comparisons by race/ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. Paper presented at 2012 Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Edwards, M. B., Kanters, M. A., Bocarro, J. N., Casper, J., Floyd, M. F. (2012, March). Simulated effects of school policy changes in after-school sports on sport participation rates among North Carolina middle school students. Paper presented at 2012 Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Duerden, M., Edwards, M. B., Lizzo, R. (2012, February). Report on the Public Lands Service Coalition evaluation. The Corps Network National Conference, Washington, D.C.

Edwards, M. B., Melton, K. M., Daniel, J., Dunlap, R., & Outley, C. W. (2011, November). Perceptions of Youth Leisure-Time Physical Activity in the Rural South. Paper presented at 2011 NRPA Leisure Research Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia.

Edwards, M. B., Outley, C. W., Moore, J. B., & Dunlap, R. (2011, February). A Tale of Two Counties: Racially-Constructed Social Relations and Opportunities for Youth Physical Activity in Two Rural Counties in the Southern United States. Paper forthcoming at 2011 Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., & Kanters, M. A. (2010, February). Community Differences in Supportive Environments for Extracurricular Physical Activity in North Carolina Middle Schools.  Paper presented at 2010 Active Living Research National Conference, San Diego, California.

Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., & Kanters, M. A. (2009, October). Exploring adolescent sport participation’s effect on adult leisure-time physical activity. Paper presented at 2009 NRPA Leisure Research Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Edwards, M. B., Estes, S. G., Alderman, D. H. (2008, May). “It got loose”: NASCAR’s expansion as flexible accumulation. Paper presented at North American Society of Sport Management, Toronto, Ontario.

Edwards, M. B., Kanters, M. A., Bocarro, J. N. (2008, May). Middle School Sports Participation: An Exploration of Program Structure, Gender, and Race Effects.  Paper presented at the Canadian Congress of Leisure Research, Montréal, Québec.

Edwards, M. B. (2005, November). The closing of North Wilkesboro Speedway and the long-term effects of NASCAR’s drive for expansion.  Annual conference of the North Carolina Alliance for Physical Education, Health, Recreation, and Dance, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Edwards, M. B., & Altman, S. R. (2005, March).  An analysis of legal liability related to game day promotions. Annual conference of the Sport and Recreation Law Association, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Selected Grants/Projects

Evaluation of Texas Healthy Adolescent Initiative. Texas Department of State Health Services. 2012-2013. $456,891. (Principal investigator)

Evaluation of Public Lands Service Coalition Youth Programs. PLSC (Partnership with Brigham Young University). Ongoing. $44,242 (2013). (Co-Principal Investigator. Co-PI: Mat Duerden).

Sport for Social Change: A longitudinal impacts assessment of a sport-for-homeless initiative. TAMU Division of Research. 2013. $13,608 (Co-Principal Investigator. PI: Jon Welty-Peachey).

Youth Development After-School Program Lab. Texas A&M Tier One Program.  2012-2013. $207,390 (Principal Investigator. Co-PIs: Mat Duerden, Corliss Outley, Jamilia Blake).

Texas Children’s Time Outdoors: A Pilot Study. Oak Ridge Association of Universities. 2011-2012. $5,000. Principal Investigator.

Middle School Physical Activity Policy Analysis. Active Living Research – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. $15,000. (Co-investigator with PIs Michael Kanters and Jason Bocarro).

Disparities of Place in Access to Extracurricular School Sports and Physical Activity in North Carolina Middle Schools. Active Living Research – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 2009. $25,000. Principal Investigator.

Honors and Awards

2011 Oak Ridge Association of Universities Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. One of the top 30 junior researchers nationally selected to receive seed money to enrich research and professional growth.

2011 Texas A&M Fish Camp NamesakeStudent-nominated award. Selected out of several hundred nominations as contributing to the lives of Texas A&M’s students in a positive way

2008 Outstanding Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Graduate Student, North Carolina State University

1999 and 2000 USA Today/Baseball Weekly Minor League Baseball Executive of the Year for the Appalachian League.