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Premium Email Generator

Training and information for CNR Premium Email Generator users

Getting Started

The College of Natural Resources subscribes to the NC State Premium Email Generator. In spring 2022, the Email Generator was updated to the Gutenberg block editor and a number of upgraded features were added.

Important notes:

  • The link to the previous version of the Email Generator will not take you to the upgraded version.
  • The university also provides a free version of the Email Generator, which has fewer features and is accessed through another unique link without /cnr-comms/ in the URL. This account is not the same as our Premium Email Generator and does not have the same features.
  • When you sign in to our unique premium account, you will see CNR Comms in the top left. This will confirm you are in the correct account.

Sunsetting of the Classic Email Generator

With the introduction of the updated Email Generator, current users of the platform will have a limited amount of time to continue using the classic version of the Email Generator. University Communications will begin sunsetting the classic platform, as follows:

  • Current users will continue to have full access to the classic version of the Email Generator until June 1, 2022. This includes the ability to create new emails and access old emails.
  • After June 1, users will only be able to access old emails on the old platform. They will not be able to create new emails. Emails hosted on the classic version of the Email Generator will be available until September 9, 2022.

Tutorials and Documentation

University Communications provides tutorials and documentation for the Premium Email Generator.

Most users in the College of Natural Resources are considered editors. Editors have access to a number of pre-made email configurations, including:

Important note:

When building your newsletter, invitation, etc, in the Premium Email Generator, be sure to click on the footer of your draft and select Emma as the “sender” in the fields on the right under “block”. Learn more about sending your email with Emma.


We have prepared a curated image library designed to streamline newsletter creation. These images are pre-sized to fit the specific dimensions required for our email system, ensuring consistency and saving time.

  • For optimal results, images used in the email should be resized to match the exact dimensions of the designated image areas. Acceptable file formats are PNG or JPEG.
  • To facilitate this process, we have compiled a selection of images, available in both the wide header format and square item size. These images are accessible for online viewing and download.