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Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation - Areas of Research -Parks Recreation and Tourism Management NC State

Preserving the Great Outdoors

Outdoor recreation is one of our country’s most important and popular pastimes. In addition to generating billions of dollars in spending and millions of jobs, it also provides communities with a wide range of health benefits. Recent trends suggest an increasing awareness of the disparities in access across communities and more public demand for equity and inclusion.

We collaborate with federal, state, and municipal agencies to help inform management and decision-making processes related to outdoor recreation resources. Our research produces data on a variety of issues including but not limited to participation rates, visitor behaviors, satisfaction and well-being, user conflict, accessibility to parks, carrying capacity, policy and regulation in natural resource management, and conservation funding structures. Findings provide insights on equity, inclusion and diversity; human health and well-being; youth engagement and citizen science; resource conservation and stewardship; along with marketing outcomes and conservation funding structures.

This work helps land managers balance their dual mission of simultaneously promoting conservation and generating positive visitor experiences for all people.

At the College of Natural Resources, our faculty are at the forefront of education and research in the field of outdoor recreation.